“The Number One Radio Show”, XTRA 690 Tijuana Mexico, 12/29/84-1/1/85. Anyone remember this?

Doing a little research in the search engines, I’ve found absolutely nothing on a program I remember. Maybe someone out there can help.

Back in 1984, I was in San Diego in Radioman “A” School in the U.S. Navy. One of the stations I really liked was Top 40 formatted XTRA “The Mighty” 690, targeting San Diego from its mighty transmitter in Tijuana, Mexico. New Year’s Day was apparently format change day, and the entire weekend, they ditched the top 40 format and played this syndicated program called “The Number One Radio Show”. I can’t remember who narrated it… for some reason I think it was Robert W. Morgan, but this was New Year’s Day 1985 and as I recall the show went up to 1980. The bumber music used was the final 3 notes of “What Goes Up” from the Alan Parsons Project.

Does anyone remember this show and what stations it might have aired on? I find it interesting that I’ve never heard it played since, on any other radio station. Curiocity simply killed the cat on this one, I simply throw this out to our audience for discussion.

Steve West

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  1. Ron Shapiro says:

    I do remember the show. It was produced by Drake Chenault in 1980 and was hosted by Mark Elliot.
    I remember hoping it would be like “The Golden Years” with sound bytes and interviews, but it was just a replay of every number one in order.

  2. jon bruce says:

    I don’t remember that show. I was a big fan of the top40 “Mighty 690″. Since you were in San Diego during that run, if you have one, could you put up a Michael Boss aircheck on 690 ?

  3. David says:

    Did you ever locate the program… I have large bits and pieces of it on cassette tape, but would love to locate a complete copy

  4. E Rodriguez says:

    i remember that show it was aired sometime in 1982 on KINL from Eagle Pass Texas, i did record it on cassette but those cassetes were lost when the flood of 1998

  5. Emilio Guerrero says:

    Hello there! I would like a copy of the complete radio show please. Please let me know how much would it cost and any more information you may need besides my address. hope to hear from you soon!!

    Thank you
    Emilio Guerrero

  6. I think I heard it on KGB. Maybe KCBQ, but I think KGB.

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