Month: February 2009

Captain Whammo, WMET Chicago | April 1978

Jim Channel, aka “Capt. Whammo” is heard here on 95 1/2 WMET. Note the disco music and the WCFL-style jingle package in use at the time which kinda sounds out of place considering the year. They sound good at this point, but I’m at a loss as to why WMET had some of the worst jingles ever heard prior to ’78… low budget, maybe? And, in your humble webmaster’s opinion, the imaging voice is and was horrible, but that’s made up for the fact that the format itself slams, and Whammo is in top form on this aircheck… lively and energetic. This is a good quality recording, one you’ll enjoy as an alternative to samples of WLS around the same timeframe.

QuickCheck: Eric Chase, KIQQ “K100” Los Angeles | July 18, 1975

K100 was L.A.’s first serious contender in the top 40 wars, and this short glimpse into mid-70s KIQQ sounds great. Eric Chase was better known in San Francisco at KFRC, and his personality is the same here. He’s an enormously talented jock and this aircheck proves it. By the time of this aircheck, K100 was on the decline, its best talent, Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele and Humble Harve having recently (at the time of this recording) having quit. This station was the first programming project for Bill Drake after leaving RKO General.

Composite: WEGX Eagle 106 Philadelphia | February 1993

First in a series of trade releases from FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback) donated by Robyn Watts is this look back at Adult Hits formatted Eagle 106 in Philly. We start right out with Lander and the morning Nut Hut… a precursor to his next gig in Boston at WBMX. The ‘check then moves on to the rest of the broadcast day.

“Banana” Joe Montione Flashback Show on KIIS-AM/FM Los Angeles | Undated

Many of these “East Coast Airchecks” tapes came in undated, only labelled with the jock and station, thus we leave it up to our listeners to pinpoint when the aircheck was recorded. This is the Banana Joe Flashback Show on Kiss-FM. Lots of promos for Rick Dees in the Morning, plenty of callers and tons of 80s hits are heard in this ultra high-energy scope that we’re guessing was probably made sometime around 1992 or 1993. CHR radio’s approach to an oldies show sounded incredible, especially since they only went back about 5-8 years. So, what hit station today bothers to do a live flashback show with local jocks? Anybody? Thats what I thought. Thanks to Robyn Watts for yet another great addition to the Airchexx archives!

The Real Don Steele, KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles | Date unknown

Thanks again to the massive Robyn Watts collection, the late Don Steele is featured in this 7+ minute scope of K-Earth 101 from sometime in the early 90s, we’re guessing around ’91 or ’92. Charlie Van Dyke’s pipes are lower than ever in the incredible imaging, and the jingles…. well, KRTH has used a variation of nearly the same jingle sing for well over 30 years now so what does that tell ya? Very few radio stations have had the same format or call letters, especially on FM, and with the exception of a small stretch of time in the early 80s when it was AC, KRTH has been blasting Oldies to Southern California. As of this writing, it still is.

Machine Gun Kelly, Oldies 93 KCBS-FM Los Angeles | Date unknown

Date of Recording: Unknown Station: 93.1 KCBS-FM Los Angeles, California Featured Air Talent: M.G. Kelly Comments: Its always great to hear the gunner, and this is no exception… but why does your webmaster detect a hint of Dan Ingram sarcasm in Kelly’s delivery? Were it not for this exceptionally orchestrated set of KCBS-FM jingles and Southern California traffic reports, one could easily imagine being on the east coast and listening to 101.1 FM. Obviously this was a cloned station, CBS trying to imitate it’s NYC format in Los Angeles… and perhaps if not for KRTH being so well entrenched in the format, KCBS-FM could have done well.. but that’s a discussion for another time. There is no date on this recording but we know that this is from a reasonably small win...