Month: March 2009

Allan Beebe, KNOE AM-FM Monroe LA | August 18, 1972

One of Matt over at Big Apple Airchecks’ good friends “in the biz” is Allan Beebe, who is heard here back in 1972 on KNOE, one of those northeast Louisiana stations that was originally an AM only but added FM service shortly after signing on. This station was started by Louisiana Governor James A. Noe, Sr., back in the early 50s… so the station had been around awhile. Beebe would go on to greatness at such stations as 91X in San Diego, 66 WNBC New York, and elsewhere. Interestingly enough Beebe actually says his FIRST name on this aircheck. At other stations, he simply would introduce himself as “I am Beebe”. Enjoy this, another historic broadcast brought to you via the services of Matt over at Big Aple Airchecks in New York – Thanks! Cool Mouse Pr...

VM Demo Tape | 1961

Ray Bozzanca sent in something that, while not an ‘aircheck’, probably has some historic significance. Ray writes: I found a site on the company that made my first reel to reel tape recorder, a VM voice of music. But in talking about old browsers being able to work, they have something at the bottom of the web page about java and or clicking on a link for older browsers to work. Check it out.Your audience may not be worth it to correct or use but it gives insight! I actually have a demo tape that I kept that came with the tape recorder from 1961 that VM made. Hehehhe about 14 minutes, maybe I encode it for you to hear for kicks! The recorder is long gone in the waste or trash! I found it an interesting piece of history. Perhaps someone else out t...

Programmer’s Digest Composite, WAVZ New Haven | Summer 1973

As recordings go, one probably couldn’t get better than vynl. Programmer’s Digest was one of those trade publications that featured a different station each edition, and was sent out to various radio stations on a 33 1/3 LP. Featured on this edition, a composite of 13 WAVES and an entire day’s broadcast. This starts with a fantastic WAVZ contest promo, then it’s on to the Programmer’s Digest. Its a tribute to Program Director John Long’s genius and includes a ton of promos and special WAVZ contests.

Jarrell Mason Interviews Airchexx Webmaster Steve West, WUAG 103.1 Greensboro NC | March 20, 2009

Perhaps the most creative radio that can be heard today is in the college world. A good example of this is Jarrell Mason, host of the weekly “Time Machine” feature on college station WUAG 103.1. Jarrell says he’s graduating and this interview was the final event of his final program on WUAG – so congratulations are in order. If you’re not in tune with the state of today’s radio, or just want to understand what happened to commercial radio since the 1970s, this interview will clear some things up. Your webmaster has a few funny stories to tell along the way.

Station Profile: 13 WAVZ New Haven | September, 1976

13 Waves sported some of the best talent in the U.S., and this 8 minute profile from 1976 showcases the talents of such names as Paul “the Morning Mayor”, Midday guy Tom Morgan, “The Chucker” (who narrates this profile), Afternoon personality John E. Walker, Night guy Mike West (WGNG Providence, WTIC-FM Hartford), Sunshine 10pm-2am and Early morning she-jock Lise. Courtesy of Contributor Andy Bologovsky – Thanks!

Roxy Waters, KLTG Corpus Christi | December 23, 1997

Just two days before Christmas and all through the South, not a station played oldies… okay you get the picture. It’s the end of 1997, and K-Lite has morphed from a 60s based Oldies outlet to more of a 70s/80s hybrid. While he doesn’t say it, the morning guy’s name is Tom… but I’ve long since forgotten his last name, I just remember that he was on WTAR 790 Norfolk back in the 80s. This clip starts out with a commercial for Marco’s Electronics… the voice on this is Lon Gonzalez, then you get two breaks of the morning show, then on to Roxy Waters. I seem to remember meeting her one time earlier that year before your webmaster left KLTG in February. The Corpus Christi market at that time was about 40 percent Tejano or Mexican regional, one oldie...

Sonny Fox, WHYI Y100 Miami | July 6, 1984

Thanks to site friend Daniel Coulombe, here’s a GREAT, original recording he made of Sonny Fox and the morning show on Miami’s legendary Y100!. You’ll love this scoped look at a hugely entertaining and funny jock with all the elements that made morning radio fun. Unlike most of today’s morning shows which are laden with Hollywood fluff… this is so good, and Sonny Fox is just himself. Its refreshing to hear how morning shows were in the mid-80s. We miss it, and you probably do too!

Greg Mitchell, KNDE 1470 Sacramento | 1977

KNDE is at the end of its reign as a top 40 station, the calls soon to be reverted back to KXOA featuring an AOR format on AM. Here’s Greg Mitchell who certainly has the voice, but the sameness used in every break gets old after a while. By all accounts, however, this station is a good representation of the state of AM top 40 just before FM made its impact known. KNDE had a 5kw directional signal (which only covered about 2/3rds of the city) as opposed to KROY’s tiny 1,000 watts by day, and a mere 250 watts that was barely heard at night. KNDE is very TIGHT here. A format that reeks of RKO flavor (it was not owned by the tire & rubber co.) only without the jingles. West coast radio had its unique sound, distinctly different from what was heard in, say, New York or Philly a...

QuickCheck: John “Records” Landecker, WLS Chicago | August, 1975

Another too short listen to Landecker, finds him reading off the names of people who will be going to eat dinner with the Osmonds and then see them in concert. Hard to believe Donny & Marie were ever a big deal (if today’s oldies stations are any guage), but JRL sure talks it up. Listen for a great promo for the WLS Monster Bonanza as Bob Sirott produces this piece that shows WLS giving away a Mazda! We have a similar aircheck here most likely from the same night. How’d that happen?

Composite: KYA San Francisco | March 1965

Long dramatic jingles, disc jockeys who comment about everything with lots of talk between songs, outdated news sounders and reverb on demand all highlight this first San Francisco top 40 station. This is quite entertaining, however, because while the formatics shown here on KYA are loose, a reminder of the early 60s, the jocks are very talented and the format comes off very tight. Nobody skips a beat or misses a cue. Its a history lesson for those who never heard what radio sounded like in 1965. Thanks to visitor Paul Duca for reminding us that crosstown KFRC’s “Boss” sound was still a year away, and at the time of this recording, KYA was the only game in town. Your webmaster had a senior moment…