Month: April 2009

QuickCheck: WCFB “Young Country B94.5” Orlando | 1995

According to what I can dig up about the history of this station, it’s apparent that B94.5 was very close to bailing on the country format around the time of this recording. I found this on a cassette sandwiched between two other airchecks, no label with regard to jock or even date (I discovered the year 1995 in one of the spots you hear on this aircheck). While there’s no real information about this, I think it’s historic enough to post because it’s from a short period of time in which 94.5 Orlando was Country, before moving on to an Adult Urban format as “Star 94.5”. I do know that this Country incarnation was programmed by one “Big” Steve Kelly, who, among other stations in his resume was the PD of WMC-FM 100 Memphis for a time in the earl...

Mike O’Neil, KBGO “Oldies 93” Las Vegas | December 22, 1993

Our first listen to the Las Vegas market has nothing to do with slot machines, craps, poker or any of that! Here’s deep-voiced Mike O’Neil on a live and well executed Oldies format on KBGO Big Oldies 93. Even into the early 90s, many oldies stations still tried to recreate at least the old Johnny Mann jingles or some of the old sounds… well, KBGO did use the old ‘Drake’ top of the hour anthem, but with a different voice and a modern station jingle tag. It does sound good, however, even if the few Drake sounds are faux. This is a first-generation original recording recorded around the Christmas holiday in 1993 that will please your ears! Don’t look for any Christmas songs (scoped) here… there just aren’t any in this short glimpse of the format...

Mike Stone, WFIF “The Spirit of America” Milford CT | March, 1976

Description by contributor Pete Salant, former PD at Clear Channel Connecticut – WWYZ, WELI, WPOP and WAVZ… Nobody can “best” Willie B/Cliff Kenyon, but I thought you might like to hear a higher quality aircheck of WFIF from March 1976. Randy West actually IS my oldest friend in radio. We met at WRNW when it was an 800 watt mono station in Mt. Kisco, NY, above a hardware store; we both had summer jobs there following our freshman year at college, Randy at City College (now City University of NY) and me at Boston University, where Howard Stern was in my class at the School of Public Communications and followed me at WRNW a couple of years later after it had moved to Briarcliff Manor, NY and went stereo. I worked for Randy at WFIF for four months during a year-long self-imposed h...

Gary W. Gears, AFVN AM/FM Saigon | January 1969

“… I’m gonna count the rockets for ya. I’ll give the final count on the hour.” Truly unique in it’s presentation, AFVN (Armed Forces Vietnam Network), “The Big 54” really tried to bring American Top 40 radio to the troops. After listening to this, you’d think this was recorded in the states, except for the public service (okay, military service) announcements. Listen for LOTS of PAMS jingles, reverb (at times)… and notable, Gears mentions toward the end of this recording that he could swear he just heard missiles go off outside.

Bill Houston, 92.1 WLNG “The Sound of Long Island” Sag Harbor NY | Sometime 1992

Contributor Ray Bozzanca says this is his friend Bill Houston – Ray is heard at the front of this aircheck on the phone with Houston during this 1992 broadcast. Ray writes: …at the beginning of this aircheck I pretended to be a caller named Bob, like you the first time you D-Jayed I was nervous as hell! I was more interested in technical workings behind the scene of radio than on-air,but later in 1998 Bill got me as the so called side kick for the internet but I did get over my on air shyness so to speak. He’s right on about the shyness.. your webmaster’s first day on the air, way back in 1980 scared me out of my wits! Anyway, this is WLNG, pretty much an institution for decades from Sag Harbor out in Eastern Long Island. Enjoy!

Jay Douglas, WTIX-FM New Orleans | 1996

I hate to call this ‘sloppy’, but there are numerous pauses between elements in this format. It sounds as if WTIX-FM is using one of those old fashioned reel-to-reel automation systems that had a bit of a lag at times when switching from one reel, or cart machine to another. Either way, this was recorded before computer automation and it’s associated ability to allow production folks to make gawd-awful, effects laden sweepers that run between every song these days. Yes, there are plenty of dead segues here, and that’s nice to hear. Listen for old WTIX (AM) jingles, a playlist that’s literally all over the place, and a full network newscast from Doug O’Brien (WNBC, WINS).

The Top 500 of All-Time, WKHL “Kool 96.7” Stamford CT | May 29, 1994

Another Oldies station that went the way of ‘Variety Hits’ was WKHL 96.7. This New York City rimshot had a live Oldies format at the time of this aircheck, and like many Oldies stations, did a countdown on Memorial Day. Here’s a portion of the Top 500 of all time, songs of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Courtesy of Ray Bozzanca

Blues 1280 WODT New Orleans | November 3, 1996

What can be more unique than a Blues station? How about one on AM, with ABC Information News & the late Paul Harvey. This sounds more like a local, full service station than a major market station, but perhaps that was what it was supposed to be. This is the station that started out as an old-line NBC affiliate, WDSU. It was an important station in New Orleans back in the day, but at this point in time, after several call letter and format changes including CHR and News/Talk, a very popular Blues format was evolving. It was a good run, lasting until 2002 when owner Clear Channel Communications flipped it to All-Sports. Its now a Gospel station. Enjoy this little AM station remembering it for what it was, just before consolidation and jockless formats. A nice, local sounding station se...