Jay Johnson, WVON Chicago | 1972

Contributor Leo Knott sends in this studio quality ‘check of a great Chicago Soul station…

One of my favorite jocks of all-time. I don’t know all the stations he worked at but he did work the San Antonio market at one time. I heard Jay on Chicago’s WGRT (Later to be WJPC)… he was Orange Juice Jay in the morning. He was wooed away to WVON – the urban music giant at the time.

WVON had great personalities from Joe Cobb (the voice of Soul Train… at least at the beginning, Herb Kent “The Cool Gent”, Bill “Butterball” Crane, E. Rodney Jones, Cecil Hale, Richard Pegue, Pervis Spahn and others.

After WVON, he ventured to WTLC in Indianapolis to serve as PD and on air duties. He was Super Jay in his twilight at WVON and carried over into the Indianapolis market

WVON Chicago

Steve West

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  1. Charles Freeman jr. says:

    Sup…Sup….S.U.P.E R…”JAY”!!…..jay johnson….Jay Johnson…JAY JOHNSON!!..Definitely one of the best who has ever sat in the “Big Chair”. Was the heart of Indianapolis re-emergence into the mainstream of credible talent for the entertainment world. Hats-off- to- ya…..Suga Bear!!!!

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