Month: June 2009

QuickCheck: The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles | 1971

“…You can trust your car to the man who wears the star” So begins this all-too-short, rare recording of RDS on 93/KHJ. We join things right in the middle of a commercial break (Texaco). We’re listening to KHJ in ’71, and while the Bill Drake era is all but over, the format is intact with all the familiar Drake formatics.

Composite: WINS and WMGM New York | September 17, 1961 (corrected)

This is a great comparison between two competing Top 40 stations. 1961 was so early in the top 40 game that WABC was just in its infancy with its then-new format. This recording doesn’t include ABC. WINS, of course, went on to become the nation’s first All-News station. WMGM simply reverted to the previous call letters on 1050, WHN, and then after several years as an MOR station, became synonymous with Country Music in New York starting in 1973 for the next decade. More information about this aircheck is presented by visitor comments (below).

The History of Black Radio in Milwaukee With Dr. O.C. White And Jim Frazier, WAWA 1590 | February 10, 1987

Here is one of the most interesting airchecks I’ve heard in a long time. Dr. O.C. White and Jim Frazier talk about the history of Black radio from the days of 1590 WAWA about a year before the station went dark. The old jocks… where are they now and what stations were they heard? How did Black radio start? These questions are answered on this one hour recording. it’s a MUST LISTEN for anyone who wishes to know about Milwaukee area Black radio! * Information corrected as of 6/22/09

Dr. Bop Show, WAWA-FM Milwaukee | 1966

This goes way back to 1966. It’s a rare FM show, rare because there were very few FM stations that programmed popular music independently of a co-owned AM. Here, Dr. Bop mentions that some of the day’s programming is on FM only. This show is what would probably be classified today as Urban CHR… but in 1966 there was no such format, so we’ll just say it’s a mainly R&B oriented Top 40. A purely Rhythm and Blues station surely would never have played The Beatles! Name corrected to Dr. Bop. Thank you for letting us know! Courtesy of James Edwards

Gary Evong, CFDR “780 Kixx Country” Halifax, NS | August 4, 1998

Our first listen to radio in the Canadian Maritimes brings us to CFDR Halifax. Known as 780 Kixx Country, this is a fully staffed, full service station with all the programming elements that make up good radio. No jingles, but plenty of classic Country liners. A full news and sports report. As your webmaster recalls from listening to Canadian AM Country stations, the AC-ish approach was and maybe still is typical. I know next to nothing about Halifax radio so perhaps one of our listeners can fill in the details.

Ken Gilbert, WDRC-AM 1360 | July 1983

Our friend Ken Gilbert sent in another goodie! WDRC (Big D, as it was affectionately known) was, by 1983, primarilly an Oldies station. This wasn’t some cheap imitation of an FM, however… as tape restorian Paul DiMarco (who provided the original copy to Ken Gilbert) wrote: I know times have changed but this is (absurd) !!! I’d listen to this type of radio before anything else on today’s dial….and it’s AM !!! ….not only is the DJ one of the best anywhere…..there’s some great commercial clips of other radio poineers like Friendly Floyd and Steve Skip. The audio quality on this AM recording is fantastic. This really is a must-listen!

QuickCheck: A sample of KQID Q93, Alexandria LA | Sometime 1997

Sometimes there’s very little that can be said to describe a particular aircheck. So it is with this brief look at Q93, a CHR station that apparently is still in operation as a hit music station today. This came to us on an unmarked cassette recorded on Maxell UR tape. Even listening all the way through, the jock doesn’t mention his name, the stopset is all national/brand spots with no identifying material to actually tell us what market… but they do mention Louisiana, and so a search of Q93 Louisiana gave us the call letters at least. Perhaps someone can identify the jock and this station better. Your comments on this aircheck are greatly appreciated.