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QuickCheck: WNMB-FM/WGSN-AM B105.9 Myrtle Beach | August 3, 2000

I knew very little about WNMB-FM other than that I had a cassette of a Hot AC station called B-94 from 2000. Wikipedia says there was the Bob and Sheri show mornings in 2000, but mentions no other jocks. Perhaps that explains this format of adult hit music, with nothing but liners between the songs for the entire 45 minutes of this recording. In all, this is a very unimpressive and rather disappointing aircheck. Its a good example of where radio was headed, just four years after Telcom ’96. Still, if you remember this station, you might have heard it in this incarnation, just before it switched to easy listening. Perhaps there are some fond memories of Myrtle Beach in this

The End of an Era: 104.1 WBCN Boston Says Goodbye, Part 4 | August 8, 2009

For the third time this year, an iconic rock radio station in a major city is shifting formats: Boston’s 104.1 WBCN, “The Rock of Boston,” (left) the airwaves on August 13th. The rock station had been broadcasting for 41 years. According to, WBCN was a victim of CBS Radio’s desire to launch an all-sports talk radio station on the FM dial. The company’s Adult Top 40 Mix station (made) the jump from 98.5 to 104.1, with the sports station taking over at 98.5. WBCN (lives) on off the radio waves as a Web and HD-radio broadcast. – Rolling Stone Magazine, July 16, 2009 Part four of this four-day retrospective concentrates on PM Drive. Bradley Jay is an in-studio guest, as is Ken Shelton (continued from the previous segment), and others. You’ll hear more WBCN Lunch songs...

Composite: 103.1 WYAK Surfside Beach, SC | August 4, 2000

Here’s a station that’s apparently been gone for some time now. WYAK was a country station licensed to Surfside Beach, but serving the Myrtle Beach area. Sounds like a good, but typical Country station from 9 1/2 years ago.

The End of an Era: 104.1 WBCN Boston Says Goodbye, Part 3 | August 8, 2009

If you’ve landed here and are wondering what happened to WBCN’s internet stream, which they said would remain along with the WBCN Rock format on WBZ-FM HD2? Well, click this link. It points to, which CBS has turned into an information page along with ‘listen live’, and a link page to the other Boston area CBS radio stations. In this part you’ll hear more of Ken Shelton and his recollections, part 2 of a long, live segment with Howard Stern, best wishes recorded by artists like Bono, and more. Runs almost two hours, scoped.

P.K. on Classic Soul 101.5 WSOL Jacksonville | September 18, 1986

From 1986, here’s a great sounding Classic R&B station voiced by the legendary Issac Hayes. Sounding almost like a forerunner to the Smooth Jazz format in it’s approach, WSOL is a mostly-ballads R&B Gold format, with a few then-currents thrown in (listen for Prince). The DJ goes simply by the name PK. Runs 11 minutes, scoped.

The End of an Era: 104.1 WBCN Boston Says Goodbye, Part 2 | August 8, 2009

It was more than 40 years ago, on a March night in 1968, when WBCN-FM (104.1) decided to break from its classical music format. Instead of Bach, listeners that evening heard “I Feel Free,’’ by the Eric Clapton-led rock band Cream, and right then Boston’s local music scene was transformed. The Boston Globe – July 15, 2009 Read the full article here. That was what the Globe printed the day after WBCN parent company CBS, Inc. announced the frequency swap of WBMX to 104.1, the demise of the then-current WBCN and the impending launch of a new FM Sports station on 98.5. In a very real sense, a living legend was being snuffed out. Or, perhaps it was more like put out of its misery. WBCN WAS the Rock Of Boston, and in its heyday it was more than a radio station, more than a Rock station, mor...

The End of an Era: 104.1 WBCN Boston Says Goodbye, Part 1 | August 8, 2009

With very special thanks to contributor Jeff Lehman, we are proud to be the only place to chronicle the end of an era: A four-day celebration of the “Rock of Boston” WBCN. The history of WBCN is described in various places on the web, but the technical and historical aspects of 104.1 can be viewed HERE, courtesy of The Archives @ We provide this historical link because we feel that the history behind WBCN is as important as the entertainment value of the airchecks featured in this series. After 41 years as THE Rock station to turn to (some would argue that it was the first 30 years that actually counted), owner CBS, inc. pulled the plug on the format in a move that saw sister station call letters and format of WBMX 98.5 (formerly WROR, WRKO-FM) moved to the 10...

“Catfish” Tom Kelly, FM 99 WQIK Jacksonville | September 18, 1996

Here’s an almost perfect scope of The Hit Kicker during a late-Summer weekend. The year is 1996, although on the tape provided it says 1994… but your webmaster was doing Country radio in 1996 and played the same currents at KOUL Corpus Christi, so I know better. One thing I always really liked about WQIK was the jingles. I can’t remember the package I heard but it had to have been some kind of retro CHR package. In 1992 I was in Jacksonville while stationed on the USS Samuel Eliot Morison and listened to WQIK’s AM signal (at that time it was an AM/FM simulcast) using an old R-390 receiver. Now, an R-390 has a number of bandwidth settings, the top of which is super-wideband, so listening to this station, on its AM signal, with reverb in the audio chain on that receiv...

Bob Case, Afternoon Drive, KUBE Seattle | July 1992

I’m Al Voss. Here in Ventura County, about 45 miles north of L.A., we get a taste of small market and large. I’ve collected quite a few stations over the years. I got your address from (a) friend, and thought you might enjoy a few efforts. So starts the letter included with the first of (we hope) many more contributions from Al Voss. This came in on CD, recorded, scoped down and burned to disc by the contributor himself. This is a scoped hour with PD Bob Case, then the unnamed PM drive jock on KUBE Seattle. Its from July of 1992.

John Zacherle, Halloween Special, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | October 31, 1991

This has to be the best Haloween special I’ve ever heard. WCBS-FM really did it up right, letting John Zacherle take over the hosting duties for a night of scary fun. Contributor Ray Bozzanca sent this in, in pieces (and unscoped for future use by us if we ever are financially able to pay royalties…) which your webmaster lovingly scoped down to something acceptable to the powers that be. The music is scoped out, but anything not subject to royalties is left over, which is most of this 3 hour show. Zacherle has a wierd sense of humor, but so appropriate as he picks just the right music for a Howlin’ good time! Adding to the frightening nature of this aircheck, about halfway through, WCBS-AM Newsradio 880 Meteorologist Craig Allen cuts in with the old EBS (Emergency Broadca...

The Real Pete McNeil on KYNO Fresno | 1966

Here’s a suspiciously knockoff sounding Pete McNeil on KYNO Fresno. Interesting that he’s known as The Real Paul McNeil, while in Los Angeles, The Real Don Steele was on 93/KHJ. KYNO was owned by Eugene Chenault. Prior to 1965, Bill Drake was the programmer here, and his “Boss Radio” format was tested first at KYNO before he imported it to KHJ and other RKO/General-owned stations. By the time of this aircheck, the ‘Drake’ sound was already heard in San Francisco at 610 KFRC, Los Angeles at KHJ and here, as well as KGB San Diego and some others.

Pittsburgh FMs – A tale of Contrasts | 1980s

More proof that FM radio in the 80s was unique and alive… here’s a look at two Pittsburgh FM stations – no two stations could be more different than these, WAMO 106.7 (Urban) and 100.7 “Double X” WXXP (Alternative). This starts out with an unidentified female DJ and moves on to Derrick Allen on WAMO. Then over to crosstown WXXP with Paul Cramer. * Note: Mr. Cramer has written in to say that the date of this aircheck is from June 10, 1988. Please note the correct spelling of his name as of this update. WAMO continues as of this writing with an Urban format, WXXP has been gone since 1988 (you can read an archived article from the Daily Collegian dated 9/6/88 here.)

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