Month: October 2009

QuickCheck: Wendy Williams, WPLJ Power 95 New York | October, 1989

Seven years into a CHR war that WPLJ was losing to ratings giant WHTZ, the station leans Rhythmic and Wendy Williams is one of the stars that make up a talented airstaff. That’s what you hear on this four minute restored scope courtesy of Robyn Watts. Power 95 is voiced here by Charlie Van Dyke, and they play some decent, if not un-remarkable jingles. In your webmasters opinion, WPLJ never really found its niche after dumping AOR at the TOP of its game in 1983. Still, this short glimpse into it’s CHR format near the end of it’s run is typical of many stations of it’s kind as the 80s drew to a close. And while this may be somewhat unremarkable, what you hear here is, in our opinion, far better than most radio post-Telcom ’96, and in particular, radio at the twi...

Hollywood Hamilton, KIIS AM/FM “102-7 Kiss FM” Los Angeles | October 1989

Cue the bloggers! Hollywood Hamilton is one of those truly great CHR jocks who found himself heard on Satellite Radio, so there are plenty of searches for him. Well, link to this. Here’s Hamilton on another famous outlet for hit music, KIIS-FM, which here is an AM/FM simulcast (with KIIS-AM 1150 AM Stereo). Listen for Rick Dees and a recorded spot for Neutra-System about 5 minutes in. Dees was always known for his endorsements and here’s one of those longtime products that helped pad Dees’ wallet.

QuickCheck: Hit Oldies (format) Demo | October 26, 2009

From Contributor Daniel Coloumbe comes this four and a half minute, tightly scoped promotional demo of the new “Hit Oldies” format. Programmers, if you’re looking for a cost-effective means to program your Classic Hits or Oldies station, listen to this fresh approach to Oldies, as demonstrated here programmed on CJMQ 88.9 FM Sherbrooke, Quebec. Then, click here to send an email for more information.

Composite: Kansas City CHR Stations | May, 1989

This Kansas City offering brings us back to the tail end of the golden years of FM CHR. It was Top 40 radio’s second golden era (the first having been the AM Top 40 days that ended in the late 70s). A time of zany morning show teams, hot jingles and larger than life hits. Some of the personalities have moved on to bigger things on the internet and elsewhere. People like Joel Denver (All Access Music Group founder) you’ll probably recognize instantly. Others haven’t been heard from in a while. But this composite has the middle of America written all over it, and literally sizzles with excitement from a time when it was still FUN to listen to the radio. This starts with morning shows, and moves through an entire broadcast day sampling three stations in rotating order: KXXR,...