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Hollywood Hamilton, KIIS AM/FM “102-7 Kiss FM” Los Angeles | October 1989

Cue the bloggers! Hollywood Hamilton is one of those truly great CHR jocks who found himself heard on Satellite Radio, so there are plenty of searches for him. Well, link to this. Here’s Hamilton on another famous outlet for hit music, KIIS-FM, which here is an AM/FM simulcast (with KIIS-AM 1150 AM Stereo).

Listen for Rick Dees and a recorded spot for Neutra-System about 5 minutes in. Dees was always known for his endorsements and here’s one of those longtime products that helped pad Dees’ wallet.

KIIS-FM Los Angeles

Steve West

Heard on great radio stations like WGKX "Kix 106" and WMC-FM Memphis, online at HitOldies.com (and once upon a time at RadioMaxMusic.com), loosely contributed to some yearly countdowns at MusicRadio77.com, and most importantly, Webmaster of this great Radio Historical site, Airchexx.comLook for me on the Ham bands. Perhaps one day you'll have a QSO with K1FRC. Happy DX and Happy Listening!

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  1. Brady Castleberry says:

    Wow. Bobby Brown “On Our Own” from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack. Never recall hearing that one on the radio. Also Nenah Cerry with “Buffalo Stance” great song, and another one not heard as often as it should on today’s radio. Great personalitiy by Hamilton, who if I’m not mistaken, host a syndicated weekly countdown show.

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