Month: December 2009

WLS 25th Anniversary Broadcast | April 08, 1985

Available in parts elsewhere, the complete, unedited broadcast as heard on WLS 890 Chicago as recorded by new contributor Michael J. DeLaRosa. He writes: Hope you are able to use this. I cannot believe we are coming up on the 25th of the 25th. I recorded this as it aired at 6:00pm April 8, 1985. I have heard similar pieces voiced by Jeff Davis and played at various WLS parties…but this is the original voiced by Tommy Edwards. Running over an hour in length, this then history of MusicRadio 89 WLS is well chronicled, from the jocks, to the music, the promotions, commercials and more!

Composite: Dallas, 1990

Contributor Marc Viquez recently sent this in for posting. He writes: This was the first time visiting Dallas, Texas; I was in town for a week for my mother’s teacher’s convention. I found that the city had some great CHR radio stations: Y95 and 97.1 KEGL. They also had 100.3 Jamz, whiched seemed to be leaning towards CHR/Rythmic. However, there was plenty of good music being played on these three stations and, even back as a teenager, I was able to tell that both Y95 and KEGL were in a state of war with one another. A lot of the sweepers and bumpers were typical of the early 1990s and within a few years-when many CHR stations ceased operations or flipped formats to either Hot AC or Alternative-they were almost nonexistent. In fact, less than two years later when I returned to ...

Lisa Flairhe / Rhino, CKIK Calgary | August 22, 1996

We know very little about the Calgary market, and can only go by what the source tape says. Dated simply 8/22, we’re going to guess the year as 1996, assuming Cheryl Crow’s “Every Day Is A Winding Road” is a current song in rotation. A few notables on this 10+ minute scope: Lisa Flairhe(sp) (pronounced Flair-hay) is heard towards the beginning, in just one break. She talks after the music stops, like an old AOR approach. After a commercial break, Rhino steps in with a live Top Hour Legal ID over a music bed, and is heard often, talking over the music in a more CHR approach. I’m not sure if this was typical of the format or a fluke. The imaging voice is a guy by the name of Zak. Don’t remember his last name but he voiced a lot of Alternative and Modern AC...