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Capt. Billy, KAFM 92.5 Dallas | April, 1974

Sounding suspiciously like a McLendon station, this short-lived Top 40 outlet sat at 92.5 on the FM dial. Never to be a serious contender to the REAL McLendon FM at the time, KNUS 99, this station did sound pretty good. By today’s standards, it sounds awesome!

Notice the imaging and the voices. Pretty typical for Top 40 stations in the mid-70s, in fact, listen to the 92K “Great Get-Off” promo at 1:56. The same sound effect was used as part of the Top of Hour ID at WXLO, X-Rock 80 and some others. See how many other similarities you can find with this vs other Top 40 stations of the day…

KAFM 92 and a Half - from AOR format post '74

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  1. Nice tight sound, obvious homages to KNUS notwithstanding. Some oddities, including the 92K Information piece on loitering! And shortening the station name to ‘K’… Whatever next? ‘Nine?’!


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