Month: January 2010

New Music Showdown/Night Show on Kiss-FM Calgary | 1996

From our Annonymous Donations file (yes, we had a contributor who wished to remain annonymous), comes this excellent aircheck of Kiss-FM Calgary. Unfortunately, there are few identifying marks to tell us what the call letters were, even the deejay didn’t say his name (but he SOUNDS similar to a guy named Doug Alling who used to grace the Boston airwaves on the old HitRadio 103 WHTT). So, once again, we’ll rely on visitor’s comments to identify this clip that we suspect was recorded in 1996. Its the night show, and they are doing the New Music Showdown… a battle of the bands kind of thing. Lots of phone calls, high energy and all the old commercials are left in for identification. See if this brings back some memories to our Canadian visitors!!

Dallas Composite | November, 1992

Here’s a short composite of the Dallas/Ft. Worth market in the Fall of 1992. Contributor Marc Viquez writes: This was the first time visiting Dallas, Texas; I was in town for a week for my mother’s teacher’s convention. I found that the city had some great CHR radio stations: Y95 and 97.1 KEGL. They also had 100.3 Jamz, whiched seemed to be leaning towards CHR/Rythmic. However, there was plenty of good music being played on these three stations and, even back as a teenager, I was able to tell that both Y95 and KEGL were in a state of war with one another. A lot of the sweepers and bumpers were typical of the early 1990s and within a few years-when many CHR stations ceased operations or flipped formats to either Hot AC or Alternative-they were almost nonexistent. In fact, ...

Assorted Stations From 30,000 Feet | February 15, 1992

High altitude airchecks? Pretty rare, given that you’re not supposed to use portable radios on commercial aircraft… but some of us did back in the day and it was truly great fun! Marc Viquez sent this in and, well… he can describe it better than your webmaster: Here is a collection from February 15, 1992 from various cities from thousands of feet in the air. I was traveling from New Jersey to Los Angeles by plane and recorded whatever I could on my AIWA portable stereo recorder; what I was able to record was priceless, crystal clear sweepers, airchecks and bumpers from Syracuse, NY; Youngstown, Ohio; Ft. Wayne, Ind; and Lincoln, Neb. Syracuse and Lincoln are prominent on the collection, but it is amazing what you can pick up from close to 30,000 feet in the air. Here are ...

Jeffrey Holland, Demo, Mix 94-5

Contributor Jeffrey Holland wanted to add his demo to our archives, so here it is. Wanna hire him? Just drop an email to the webmaster and I’ll send it along. We don’t do this as a rule, but then again we don’t get too many demos out of the blue. So, listen and see if you like.

Charlie Wagner, 1240 WWCO Waterbury (CT) | February 20, 1978

One of the nice things about AM radio in the late 70s was that most had morphed into some sort of Top 40 format and were VERY local in areas outside of major cities. Waterbury Connecticut is a medium sized city which is too far away from Hartford to be considered a suburb, yet is included in dual/multi market station legal ID’s – such as WWYZ Waterbury/Hartford/New Haven. WWYZ was the FM sister station to WATR (Corrected) in ’78 and is technically a Waterbury station, but… well, we’re digressing. WWCO runs a full time talk format today, But back in 1978, it was a hot Top 40 station, complete with jingles and reverb. This aircheck was recorded by Bob Gilmore, and features Charlie Wagner. This came from the source tape that sounds like it came from a wide-band A...

J.J. Jeffrey/Chuck Knapp and the “Top 300 Best of All Time”, 68 WRKO Boston | October 20, 1967

Our good friend Bob Gilmore returns with another fantastic aircheck of old! It seems kind of odd that WRKO, a new station at this point, having flipped to Top 40 from the former WNAC earlier in the year, would be counting down the Top 300 Best of All Time – I mean, the Rock & Roll era only began 12 years prior… but I digress. J.J. Jeffrey starts out counting down the hits from #232 to #230 before handing the reigns to Chuck Knapp. Chuck continues with songs #229 – #220. The recording ends in the middle of a commercial break with Knapp doing a live read for Surf Music. This is CLASSIC Drake Top 40! Cue the Johnny Mann Singers, and the original WRKO Jingles. All the formatics are in place, and the commercial breaks are filled with businesses that no longer exist, or ar...

Charlie Van Dyke, 93 KHJ Los Angeles | January 24, 1972

From Contributor Bob Gilmore comes this exclusive Charlie Van Dyke recording of 93 KHJ from 1/24/72. Charlie says he’s the new kid on the block, leading us to believe that this might be CVD’s first show on KHJ. This is typical of what KHJ was evolving into in 1972, away from the Drake sound that sent KHJ to the top of the heap in ’65, and into what most RKO General stations were going to do. Its the sound, indescribable without just listening. KHJ is playing a lot of album cuts and lesser-ranking hits. Its been said that this West Coast sound was so completely different from the methodical, proven hits that were played on ABC O&Os such as WABC New York, that it made RKO stations so different, yet massively appealing in their own right. Van Dyke sounds completely at h...

Tom Lucas, CFUN 1410 Vancouver BC | March 23, 1977

From Bob Gilmore’s personal collection, here’s a great ‘check of Tom Lucas having a great time on MusicRadio C-FUN! The approach sounds like a combination of WCFL with KHJ imaging/jingles, if there could be such an animal. This is high energy at its best, and of course, for you youn’uns out there, this was on AM before it turned into a barren wasteland of senseless psychobabble. Listen to the reverb… it’s cranked to the level of WABC around the same time period. The jingles are from TM (IIRC), and ‘The Luker (pronounced Luke – er) is a screamer. C-FUN is giving away money – if they call out your license plate you’ve only got a few minutes to call the station and claim your prize! The production is well done, the station not over-p...

A “Happy” Christmas Night, WTIC 1080 Hartford | December 25, 1985

Steve from Cape Cod has the knack of having his recorder on at *just* the right time. Here’s an aircheck that reminds us that sometimes automation isn’t ALWAYS bad… given the right circumstances. Steve writes: (Here is an) outtake of WTIC news reader Paul Reynolds, from Christmas night, 1985. It starts with the jingle intro to the news, followed by about 20 seconds of silence(apparently Reynolds was passed out in the newsroom). Then, talk host John Birchard scrambles to his mike, vamps for time, then hands it over to Paul…who does his thing. About 30 seconds into the newscast the engineer realizes what’s happening and yanks Reynolds off the air. …Christmas parties might have been scaled back a bit in 1986 🙂