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Assorted Stations From 30,000 Feet | February 15, 1992

High altitude airchecks? Pretty rare, given that you’re not supposed to use portable radios on commercial aircraft… but some of us did back in the day and it was truly great fun!

Marc Viquez sent this in and, well… he can describe it better than your webmaster:

Here is a collection from February 15, 1992 from various cities from thousands of feet in the air. I was traveling from New Jersey to Los Angeles by plane and recorded whatever I could on my AIWA portable stereo recorder; what I was able to record was priceless, crystal clear sweepers, airchecks and bumpers from Syracuse, NY; Youngstown, Ohio; Ft. Wayne, Ind; and Lincoln, Neb. Syracuse and Lincoln are prominent on the collection, but it is amazing what you can pick up from close to 30,000 feet in the air. Here are the stations that were recorded that night:
Philadelphia Q102
Syracuse 93Q
Youngstown Hot 101 WHOT
Ft. Wayne 97.3 WMEE
Quad Cities Power 98.9 WPXR
Lincoln Q102 102.7 KFRX
Unknown Q102 KRMQ

This aircheck is unedited except I boosted the volume a bit.

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  1. The “unknown Q102” is KRNQ Des Moines, IA.


    • Thanks! I had a theory that it was-even back in 1992.

  2. Within a matter of months of this high-flyin’ aircheck… KRNQ Q102 Des Moines would transition to Star 102.5 KSTZ as a Hot AC (which it remains to this day) and Q102 KFMQ Lincoln would not only drop AOR for country in the fall of ’92, but would exit Lincoln altogether and move to Omaha. Since then the 101.9 frequency in eastern Nebraska has been alternative, classic rock/hits and various shades of AC.

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