Month: February 2010

Jimmy Jam, Hot 99.9 WHXT Easton/Allentown PA | July 15, 1991

We don’t know much about Easton PA (as with many lesser markets), but this is a good sounding Top 40 at the end of the 80s CHR era. By ’92, grunge and rock would take over much of the landscape… but this is a rhythmic, 80s-imaged CHR and it is good to hear! Added by Lance Venta: This aircheck is about 6 weeks before the station would become “Oldies 99.9” WODE. The demise of WHXT would also lead to its primary CHR competitor “Laser 104.1” WAEB-FM to rebrand as “B104”, a name it would keep to this day.

Charlie Van Dyke & Company, 68 WRKO Boston | April 6, 1979

Bob Gilmore is proving to be a great source of airchecks – having recorded thousands himself, his are original recordings of vintage radio. This one’s no exception. Check out Bob’s website, Charlie Van Dyke is one of America’s foremost voices, heard on TV, Radio and even in Movie Trailers… but for most of the 70s and 80s, his career was spent behind the mic of some of the best Top 40 stations ever heard. WRKO, by 1979 is feeling the pressure from FM – WVBF, in particular, and unbeknownst to most people, is in it’s final year as a Top 40 station. I consider this the best that RKO sounded, even better than the 60s Drake incarnation.