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George Michael, MusicRadio 77 WABC New York | February 28, 1977

George MichaelThe Late George Michael is tagged here doing a great show on WABC from 2/28/77. This is an original recording, donated by Bob Gilmore. Notables here include much signal fading and white noise on the tape, which suggests this was recorded some distance away from New York City. No matter, Michael is in top form, as was the norm on the George Michael Show – he never misses a talkup or hitting the post!

These are the pre-disco days of the 1970s. Sure, a few stiffs are sneaking in, like The Sylvers – Hotline, but this is real Top 40 variety, with a generous dose of Jam jingles, Dan Ingram voiced imaging and that hot reverb!

Here’s an original, never posted on the web anywhere – so pass the word and tell your listener friends that WE have the airchecks most coveted around the world!

MusicRadio 77 WABC circa 1977

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  1. A professional and class act all the way.


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