Month: March 2010

QuickCheck: Richard D., WHND 560 Monroe (Detroit) MI | 1983

New contributor “Paul” checks in with a Detroit area station that’s been gone for 20 years. He writes: (This) came from a long ago defunct radio station…. that was once in it’s heyday as a GREAT (FM) oldies station (WHNE) from 1973 – 1976 until it finally ended up as a has-been AM station until it’s demise around 1990. Quality is good and of course, it’s a music station on AM… and we sure miss that!

Ron Lundy, WABC New York | July 29, 1970

Courtesy of Matt @ BigAppleAirchecks, here’s Ron Lundy at a very sold out WABC! While this is scoped, the unscoped version still has more commercials than music. You’ll need patience to listen to this, as the source audio as we received it is choppy and a bit muddy, otherwise its a great representation of America at the height of the Vietnam war. Listen for a full newscast including stories about fish with mercury, extreme pollution, a heatwave causing reductions of electricity, and more. And of course, our memories of Ron Lundy. I tell ya, Heaven’s got one hell of a radio station!

Big Wilson, 66 WNBC New York | April 1969

There’s a lot that’s been said about Big Wilson – he’s a legendary personality on the old WNBC. Problem is, when people think of radio in the 1960s in New York City, the first station that always comes to mind is WABC. So, WNBC was always dwarfed… and never really tried to compete in the Top 40 arena anyway, as NBC, the network, always had features running on air which disrupted the music presentation. Big Wilson is captured here in a recording that sounds like it was made with a microphone placed in front of a table radio speaker. The audio quality isn’t the best. But its worth remembering Big Wilson and a radio station with more heritage than any other station in America… WNBC. The station has been gone since 1988, but certainly not forgotten.

Magic Matt Allen in the Morning, Sirius Totally 70’s | 2007

We don’t as a rule post Satellite Radio airchecks, mainly because we’re interested in the authentic broadcasts of classic AM and FM radio. Sent in by new contributor Brett Provo (current Production Director for WMAS-FM Springfield MA), this is an exception to our rule. Magic Matt Allen is genuinely FUNNY. As the morning man on the now-defunct Totally 70s channel on Sirius before the merger with XM, Matt had a unique sense of timing and his one liners remind us of Dan Ingram and his ability to quip a one liner over a song intro. That’s a talent which is truly a GIFT, not acquired. Really, gang, you can’t make this stuff up. Yes, some of Satellite radio is voice tracked, some channels are lame, and others not, but every now and then some fantastic talent is found ther...