Month: May 2010

John London, 101.3 KDWB Twin Cities | July 15, 1996

Mid Summer in the mid-90s – It’s a hot time in the Twin Cities and the upper Midwest is listening to a great radio station – 101.3 KDWB! We’ve got a few other airchecks from this station, which started out as a legendary AM Top 40 in the 60s. Here’s an original recording from the year of deregulation – and KDWB is really a tight CHR station. The only thing that bothers your webmaster is that there are too many songs and elements in between jock breaks. John London sounds great, when we hear him. You’ll hear a lot of 1996 commercials (check out some of the car prices!) and a moderate use of the KDWB jingles. Here’s 47 minutes of great radio listening for your enjoyment!

Ron Sedaille, 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford | July 21, 2007

“All Request Saturday Night” on DRC-FM has been a staple in Hartford for several years now. Ron Sedaille is well known in Connecticut and does a show that’s quite reminiscent of 1960s radio. He even has his own jingles! You can view his bio from 102.9 WDRC-FM HERE. Your webmaster recorded this one Saturday evening in North Central Massachusetts (about 8 miles from the New Hampshire state line), using a 7 element FM DX antenna from Radio Shack. The signal has a bit of white nose on it but otherwise this is really great!

Mark Simone, 77 WABC New York | July 21, 2007

Good radio shows don’t last forever and at some point the “Saturday Night Oldies” show on WABC with Mark Simone will probably go away. I think, in fact, it’s been re-branded as just the “Saturday Night Show” and I’m not sure he does the format re-creation anymore. So it was with that in mind that in 2010, I decided to post a noisy recording from July of ’07. For those who never heard this show, WABC added this program right after WCBS-FM dropped oldies in favor of the “Jack-FM” format, trying to capitalize on the tremendous heritage that WABC had as a music station. Mark Simone is a consummate professional, able to host a talk show on WABC and be very serious talking politics, and yet still be a fantastic disc jockey – he sh...

“The Official World Chart Show”, CKKL ‘Cool-FM’ 93.9, Ottawa, Ontario | May 3, 1997

And now, for your listening enjoyment, here’s something really GOOD from the late 90s. Your webmaster has never heard this show. Perhaps it didn’t air in the United States (maybe it did, somebody out there knows). But this is Canada, a place where radio sounded better in some ways than in it’s southern neighbor… certainly different. Here’s something called ‘The Official World Chart Show’. It featured music from the various music charts in different countries – even RUSSIA! The show’s host sounds suspiciously like Ryan Seacrest, and featured a female co-host. They certainly made a great team! As of this writing, the station is known as 93.9 Bob-FM, one of those “Whatever” stations originally trademarked in Canada as “Ja...

Jerry St. James, WDRQ Detroit | August 1977

From contributor Paul Ford, “Here is great aircheck from WDRQ 93.1 FM in Detroit… August 1977 with Jerry St James.” Truly representative of many one-man morning shows at the end of the 1970s, here’s one from the FM dial… which at the time was still having difficulty competing with AM radio. Detroit, however, was in a different position, where the dominant Top 40 station for much of the 70s was the Big 8 – CKLW, across the river in Windsor, Ontario. DRQ is really trying to win, and it sounds great. Wish we had a recording of the rest of the broadcast day, which would truly give us a slice of what WDRQ 93 FM sounded like – but I’d bet you could get a feel for its sound by searching for Y-100 Miami on this site, since those two stations had a si...

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