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93.1 WDRQ / Detroit/Windsor

Jerry St. James, WDRQ Detroit | August 1977

From contributor Paul Ford, “Here is great aircheck from WDRQ 93.1 FM in Detroit… August 1977 with Jerry St James.” Truly representative of many one-man morning shows at the end of the 1970s, here’s one from the FM dial… which at the time was still having difficulty competing with AM radio. Detroit, however, was in a different position, where the dominant Top 40 station for much of the 70s was the Big 8 – CKLW, across the river in Windsor, Ontario.

DRQ is really trying to win, and it sounds great. Wish we had a recording of the rest of the broadcast day, which would truly give us a slice of what WDRQ 93 FM sounded like – but I’d bet you could get a feel for its sound by searching for Y-100 Miami on this site, since those two stations had a similar Top 40 sound.

As of this writing, WDRQ is called “93.1 Doug FM”, one of those ‘We Play Everything”-type stations, like “Jack-FM” was in New York.

WDRQ Detroit logo from about 1973

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  1. Around that time, WDRQ was somewhat similar to CKLW, a great mix of material.

  2. I would like to know what the hell happoned to WDRQ after 1978 I was Jerry St James in the morning. and we were rated # 1 Motown No #1 how did we lose the post?????

  3. better yet how did we lose our station, if I had the money I would buy the transmitter and start the motown sound again because the stuff they put out for music is trash. if you agree with me then help me get the frequencey back e-maile me at [email protected] I will never let motown die are you with me DETROIT dont wait we need to act now, e-maile me dammit

  4. Jerry St James is now in San Diego at KYXY.

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