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101.1 WCBS-FM / New York

Norm N Nite, WCBS-FM 101 New York | November 22, 1981

Recently, we featured the legendary Bobby Jay on WCBS-FM. Now, after numerous requests, here’s something from Norm N Nite. Contributor Ray Bozzanca says of this aircheck,

On May 1,1982 Norm N Nite would start the Top 20 countdown shows on WCBS FM N.Y. The first Top 20 countdown show featured the year 1966.This aircheck is from Novemeber 22 of 1981 when Norm N Nite would countdown the Top 10 songs of 1961 in his last hour of his show.

101.1 WCBS-FM Logo, pre Jack-FM

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  1. Brought back memories of both 1981 and 1961.

    I love Norm. Listened to CBS FM in 70s’s and 80’s I listen to Norm now on Sirius.


  2. Yes, I thought Norm did the best job ever with the Sunday night doo-wop show on CBS FM. (It was called the “Nite Train” show then.) Since Norm is a former Alan Freed listener from Cleveland, he really knows the music first-hand! Norm always seemed to feature many of the doo-wop records on Midwest labels like Chess, VeeJay, and King, probably because that was what Freed was playing in Cleveland in the 50s.


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