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100.7 KFMB-FM / San Diego

Shotgun Tom Kelly, KFMB-FM B100 San Diego |Undated

Contributors Joyce and Bob were eager to add this really short recording of Shotgun Tom Kelly on B100 FM! We don’t have a date for this one, but there are a few audio clues and we’ll let you listeners figure out when.

As of this writing, Kelly can be heard afternoons on K-EARTH 101 in Los Angeles.

B100 FM San Diego

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  1. Late August 1977…based on ELO, Frampton and promotion of upcoming Padres/Cardinals game. Cards were in town for a 3-game stand on 8/29, 8/30 and 8/31.

    The Cards’ earlier visits that year would have been too early for the music.


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