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97.9 WJBQ / Portland ME

Steve Bleecker, WJBQ (98 JBQ) Portland, ME | July 1983

Steve Novack Bleecker

"Bleecker in your Speaker"

Description by Steve Bleecker:

Harry Nelson had recently come from KFRC, and I got the call to “get my ass” (his words) to JBQ to do mornings! Almost as soon as I arrived… he left for Fargo, N.D. and JBQ’s FORMER PD, Brian Phoenix was called back to JBQ, to resume as PD! In between Nelson and Phoenix – we all had the best fun! The fun stopped as soon as Phoenix got back – he ‘let me go’ in early Jan ’84, and it wasn’t pretty! I was on a medical leave of absence – hepatitus – when he came to my apt. – to fire me – as I was so sick, already! That’s when I got completely out of radio!

Webmaster comments: Well, that’s how radio goes. It’s sometimes a cruel business and while one programmer may love what a particular jock brings to a station, another may feel entirely different. That’s the way the radio business has always been though, and anyone wanting to join this rather unstable career field should understand that each programmer has his or her own preferences as to voice intonation, personality, etc. It’s not entirely arbitrary and its not always fair, regardless of government employment rules.

That said, I think this is a great aircheck. This is from the early 80s, a time when FM Top 40, by then called ‘contemporary hit radio’ (CHR) as opposed to ‘Top 40’ as spun by it’s AM counterpart less than 5 years prior was just beginning to mature. 98 JBQ was typical of the BIG sounding hit FM stations at the time, spinning an image as a station bigger than life, this at a time when all CHRs had their own unique sound and personality. Steve has a unique personality, shown here in a music-intensive morning show as the sound of the 80s really started to ramp-up.

97.9 FM Portland ME Harry Nelson Steve Bleecker WJBQ

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  1. As the current PD of ‘JBQ….I TOTALLY enjoyed this! Was in Ellsworth/Bangor at WKSQ in ’83–working for one Mark Osborne–aka Jeff Ryder—former JBQ PD!

  2. I wanna’ Thank Steve West for getting this one “on site” !
    Given a little more time, either at JBQ, or in the business, generally…I remember
    having my “Sights set” on a larger market…something about Boston kept “bangin’ around” in my head ! Oh well.

  3. The true Steve Bleecker fans remember him on WROK in Rockford, IL..

    • Ralph Hollingsworth…OMG !~!! Thank you for Remembering, Ralph ! How I would love to speak w/ you ! [email protected] ? Maybe webmaster Steve West can assist in my Qeust ? ! Thanks, Steve !


  5. I interviewed with Brian Phoenix at WJBQ in 1980 I think it was. it was a tape of me on WTRY in Troy that I sent to him from an add in radio and records that got me up there. I remember the studio was in a house out in the middle of the woods somewhere and the bugs had wings like birds there! with what Steve Bleeker had to say I guess im glad I went out to the Utica/Syracuse area instead!

  6. And I stunk so bad as a fledgeling DJ in 1980/81 I couldn’t have gotten a job there or anywhere outside of my hometown. Even there, doing occasional weekends while still in HS, I was so bad I’m surprised that the owner of THAT little station allowed me on the air!! But I had heard 98 JBQ back then and wanted to go there. Silly kid DJ…

  7. Yipes Steve!!

    I met you when you worked at WAXC radio in Rochester NY.

    You gave me my love of radio..

    Please contact me I’m so curious what you are up to today!!

    Take care and smile,
    Joe WJOE

  8. Thanks, Tim Moore !

  9. Joe Sirianni ! Thanks SO MUCH !

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