Month: October 2010

Mike Hotaling, WQBK 103-5/103-9 The Edge Albany

Contributor Mike Hotaling sent in this great ‘check of himself on the now-defunct 103.5/103.9 “The Edge” Alternative simulcast. Undated (as of this writing), this sounds to be a late-90s recording. Lots of phones and a clear, almost CD quality aircheck, this features Mike putting some real personality into a format that usually features great Rock… but hardly anything but jock promos and liners. I think that’s what makes this a fantastic aircheck. I’ve heard Alternative and Classic Rock stations all over the country and rarely do you hear anything outside the morning show that sounds as good as this. Take three quarter hours of your time, won’t you… and give Mike Hotaling your attention!

Bobby D., WRFY Y102 Reading (PA) | August 29, 1998

Description by Steve West Here’s one of those ‘checks we don’t really know much about, other than it’s from Reading, Pennsylvania. The signal probably makes it into Philadelphia, although probably very weak. Here’s Bobby D., playing the (mostly) Rock hits on a CHR station that leans Alternative/Modern Rock, but with a Top 40 approach. No jingles, but some pretty good, and simple imaging. Scoped, but commercials included for historical context.

Chris Emory, 93.1 WPOC Baltimore | October 24, 1998

In the world of Country Radio, there’s not a lot of difference between one station and another, unless they’re in the same market. We recently posted a ‘check of 100.7 WGRX in it’s Country incarnation, which it was in at the time of this recording. There are subtle differences, the most pronounced being that WPOC is, and always has been, very AC in it’s approach. The WGRX format was more CHR in it’s presentation. WPOC was owned by Nationwide Insurance Company for much of its existence, it’s jingles reflected that through the mid-1990s, sung to the melody of the parent company’s insurance ads “Nationwide is on Your Side”. At the time of this aircheck, jingles were not being used, as the station had gone from calling itself FM 93 WP...

Jason Garrett on K-HIT 107.5 Tucson | 1996

Description by Contributor Jason Garrett… From 1994-1996, the parody show, “70’s Saturday Night with Jason Garrett; Live on the Polyester Radio Network” enjoyed strong ratings success on KVRY-Variety 104.7/Phoenix. In 1996, the station flipped formats back to its heritage KZZP calls. But it was not Garrett’s last dance in the 70s format. In June 1996, Garrett was hired for the midday shift at Slone Broadcasting’s (pre-Citadel) K-HIT 107.5/Tucson. The station (KHYT-FM) was new to the market with a mix of all 70s Hits from Donna Summer to 10CC. As heard in this scoped aircheck, Garrett’s presentation is mellow when compared to his CHR/Hip Hop days as “Kid Corona”on Jammin’ Z-90, KOY and KKFR; but his conversational style became a “listen at work” ratings winner in the Tucson metro. Jam...

Danny Carlisle & Roy Sampson, New Country 100.7 WGRX Westminster/Baltimore | July 19, 1999

Out of the archives, just as the new millenium was upon us, this short scope of a full 45 minute cassette side features the Country incarnation of the (former) WGRX Westminster, MD… A station that tried, unsuccessfully, for many years to compete with WIYY Baltimore (98 Rock), but with signal problems downtown, found itself having to flip to something… That something started out as Froggy 100.7, but by the time of this recording was simply using the WGRX call letters. This Country station really didn’t stand a chance, going up against the team of CMA DJ of the year several-times-over Laurie DeYoung and her morning team on crosstown WPOC 93.1 (A team that included TV Meteorologist Marty Bass – who was really MUCH more than a Weatherman, rather, a real showman!). Howev...