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92.3 WFLY

Ellen Rockwell, WFLY FLY-92 Troy (Albany) | January 27, 1998

WFLY 92.3

Description by Steve West:

Yes, WFLY was a huge powerhouse station, from the early 80s on, and this time, we hear Ellen Rockwell on FLY-92! She does one of Leeza Gibbons’ Entertainment Tonight reports during her show! Now, correct me if I’m wrong (and you will…), I thought Gibbons was on WXKS-FM (Medford / Boston) in the 80s before her career really soared! Perhaps I’m thinking of Lisa Lips. Ellen Rockwell… voice sounds so much like Gibbons! No matter. This is an outstanding aircheck for a number of reasons. First, the year is 1998 and WFLY has fantastic local talent. Second, listen for REVERB!!! Third, this is a super-clean, HD quality recording! The tape survived 10 years of abuse and sounds great.

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  1. Wow! Hey–that’s me! What a blast from the past–thanks so much for posting it! Listening makes me really miss radio. Thanks again!

    • Hello Ellen! Your welcome. Nice to see you here. Have a Happy New Year! – West

  2. FYI, my father (Dave Ridgeway Sr.) was DJ Johnny Lance one of the original 92FLY rock DJ’s. He still lives in Albany and owned a Mobil gas station on Clinton and Quail Street before selling it in 1987. He is now retired.

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