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1300 WAVZ / New Haven CT

Pete Stone, 13 WAVZ New Haven | December, 1974

From longtime contributor Andy Bologovsky, yet another clip of Kops-Monahan’s 13 WAVZ – “The New Waves” and “Lucky 13” – for some reason the station used both slogans on air at the same time, “Lucky 13” being a holdover monniker from the 1960s. This is very short, just over 2 minutes, featuring Pete Stone, although there is a slight similarity to Mason Dixon, another 13 WAVZ jock from the same era heard elsewhere on this site.

13 WAVZ "The New Waves"

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  1. I believe it was in the Kopps-Monahan ownership era in mid 70s when WTRY finally overtook 50,000 watt giant WPTR in the overall ratings in the Albany arbitron.


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