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103.5 WQBK / Albany/Troy NY

Mike Hotaling, WQBK 103-5/103-9 The Edge Albany

Contributor Mike Hotaling sent in this great ‘check of himself on the now-defunct 103.5/103.9 “The Edge” Alternative simulcast. Undated (as of this writing), this sounds to be a late-90s recording. Lots of phones and a clear, almost CD quality aircheck, this features Mike putting some real personality into a format that usually features great Rock… but hardly anything but jock promos and liners. I think that’s what makes this a fantastic aircheck. I’ve heard Alternative and Classic Rock stations all over the country and rarely do you hear anything outside the morning show that sounds as good as this. Take three quarter hours of your time, won’t you… and give Mike Hotaling your attention!

WQBK 103.5 / 103.9 The Edge

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  1. I use to listen to mikes environmental show on sunday Mornings! I hear his co-host Ward Stone finally retired from the state. The show was really kool. Anybody know what ward is up too?

  2. Thank you and wow I can’t believe somebody actually remembers a little half hour public affairs show! I have not spoken to Ward since he retired. But with all those great stories he told on the show over the years I sure hope there’s a book or something like it in his future!

    • Since I found this web site I wonder if this might be the same Mike Hotaling from years gone by. Would you be the same person that has a special liking to G.F.R. I’ve moved back to the area and was looking for an old friend.

  3. Mike and I are in touch , electronically, very often these days ! A great guy, who , like me…LOVES Radio ! Good Performance, Michael !

  4. Would you be so kind and give him my email address: [email protected]

    Thank you,


  5. kathy friend me on fb…

  6. Do you know how many mike hotalings there are? lol you can friend me on fb

  7. I’m just trying to find an old friend. He had a great voice and we were quite close some time ago. I am back in New York state and starting to listen to some of the old songs. Thought it would be nice to see him again just to catch up on where hes at in life.

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