Month: December 2010

The “Other” WXLO, 104.5 FM Fitchburg/Worcester | March 21, 1998

What was it with WXLO jocks that they were discouraged from using their names except for once an hour or so? A policy that began in the 80s, perhaps, back when this incarnation of WXLO began from the ashes of WFMP, which started as a regional Country station (and a very popular jock named Gene LaVerne) from Fitchburg, MA, which segued to soft AC in 1980 as “M-104” at the same time as adding Stereo. It was a big deal at that time. By the time 1984 rolled around, it was time for owner Robin Martin to upgrade the station. There is a story about how the WXLO call letters ended up in use at 104.5 FM in Central Massachusets – your webmaster should know… I was there at the staff meeting when we voted on the new call letters. Who does that today? Going on 13 years old in Ma...

Jim Smith, WKMB Stirling Country 1070 | Stirling NJ

Try to look up information on this little-known AM Country station and you’ll only find the religious incarnation of WKMB. Apparently falling out of existance shortly before the internet came into being in the early 90s, this wonderful little recording of Stirling, New Jersey’s AM 1070 chronicles what might be the only piece of this station’s former Country format. One notable about this aircheck: Why do we hear Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Busy Man” played FOUR times in an hour and a half? Please, someone, check the current reel and see if it’s rewinding… LOL Contributor Ira Warren Patasnik, heard on this recording as “Jim Smith”, says about this aircheck: WKMB 1070 Was the last Country Music station on the air just outside of New York City...

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