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94.5 KODE / Houston

Allen Beebe, KODE ‘Oldies 94.5’ Houston | Undated

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More Allen Beebe! It’s sometime in the late 1990 and Beebe is in Houston on KODE. Beebe sounds great playing the good time great Oldies.

Beebe is filling in for Barry Kaye in Afternoon Drive. This is a real Oldies station, with a 60s and 70s playlist (heavy on the 60s). Listen to the Legal ID – AMFM, Inc was one of those companies that got swallowed up by Clear Channel, so I’m going to GUESS that this was recorded sometime in the 1997-98 timeframe.

This runs about 15 minutes and is scoped down VERY tightly. Still, while it gets a bit tiresome hearing ‘Good Times, Great Oldies’ every break, Beebe’s personality shines through, at least in places where he can do more than talk over an intro. Definitely worth your quarter-hour!

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  1. I would say this came out in 1999, AM/FM was a merger between Chancellor Media and CapStar Broadcasting that happened in 1999. Clear Channel bought AM/FM in 2000 which Clear Channel aquirred Austin’s 1 year 1/2 Jammin 105.9 KFMK from AM/FM.

    Plus it mentions the year 2000. Why would a radio station plan on a year 2000 event in 1997?

    Clear Channel owned KHYS/KJOJ, KBXX, and KMJQ in 1997. AM/FM plus the SFX Broadcasting mergers caused Clear Channel to acquire KKBQ, KODA, KLOL, KKRW and KTBZ which they spun off KKBQ, KLDE and KRTX to COX Radio, KHYS/KJOJ, KBXX, KMJQ to Radio One, Clear Channel bought KTBZ and kept the 94.5 frequency from 1999-2000 timeframe. Clear Channel kept the following KKRW, KTBZ, KODA, and KLOL.


    • Willdav713… Not KRTX.. it was KTHT. I think KTRX belonged to Hispanic Broadcasting. They werent part of that whole cluster****.


  2. The calls on this should be KLDE not KODE.


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