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93/KHJ / Los Angeles

“Position 93” Sampler, KHJ Los Angeles | Early 1978

“Position 93, your California JAM Station…”

It may be quick, at under 5 minutes, but you certainly get a feel for the pace of the legendary 93/KHJ, with some equally legendary West Coast jocks each of whom are still in the business!

This starts out with Charlie Tuna, moves on to Bobby Ocean and then some great Machine Gun Kelly. There are no jingles, as this new format approach, known for a short time as “Position 93” supposedly eliminated the need for them. Where the format went next after this part of the year 1978 was right down the Top 40 tubes, as KHJ for about a year went to a more music, less talk almost AOR sounding format before making one last try at personality-based Top 40. But this still sounds GOOD! This is still high-energy, even with the conspicuous lack of format elements that made most Top 40 stations cook!

Courtesy of new contributor Mike Donovan.

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  1. This is phase one of John Sebastian’s year at KHJ. In June, “Position 93” became “All Music 93″…the almost-AOR sounding format you mention.

    Machine Gun Kelly left before that for KTNQ…Charlie Tuna put up with it for a week or two, then joined the Gunner at TenQ.

    In fact, the only KHJ jock to survive the changes and see the (too little, too late) rebirth of KHJ in 1979 was Bobby Ocean, though he didn’t make it all the way to the end and the flip to Country in October 1980.


    • Calradiopd – please provide a current, valid email address. I’d like to contact you. My email address: [email protected]


  2. I remember this…it came into the small radio station I worked at on a flimsy disc. Not sure if it came in a copy of Billboard or what, but I remember it exactly


    • Me too Brad. What a great memory!


  3. Cal Radio PD: Do you what the lineup was once MG left?


  4. Kelly was replaced by “The Unknown Disc Jockey”. Next to leave was Tuna. The True Don Bleu took his place.


  5. I never heard of Position 93 until I found the aircheck on this site.

    I have heard other samples of KHJ when they went country and years later when they called themselves Car Radio but never Position 93.

    They had great jocks. Charlie Tuna, Bobby Ocean and the Gunner. All true talents that could make many different formats and stations successful.

    Thanks for one of the many attempts KHJ made to try to keep a viable audience on the AM dial in Los Angeles.


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