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John Foxx, 980 WKLM Wilmington NC | 1966

980 WKLM Wilmington NC

Description by new Contributor Stanley “B.”, Program Director of Jammin’ 99.9 in Wilmington, NC.

Here comes the WKLM 1966 aircheck with John Foxx. This was one of ” The Great Toms Stations”. 5000 screaming daytime watts. Off at sundown. At the time this was made there were 3 top 40 stations in the market. WGNI that played currents as well as dipping back to the 50’s, WHSL which had just signed on leaning a little more to the ROCK side…(Stones, Blues Mcgoos… ) Where as KLM leaned urban and was the #1 station even with being a daytimer.

Steve West

Heard on great radio stations like WGKX "Kix 106" and WMC-FM Memphis, online at HitOldies.com (and once upon a time at RadioMaxMusic.com), loosely contributed to some yearly countdowns at MusicRadio77.com, and most importantly, Webmaster of this great Radio Historical site, Airchexx.comLook for me on the Ham bands. Perhaps one day you'll have a QSO with K1FRC. Happy DX and Happy Listening!

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  1. Don Harris says:

    Jonn the Foxx, chimetime at the All-American,Oct 65-March66 was the hottest show in Wilmington.He was a great person too,letting radio groupies hangout in the studio. I still visualize him on the air and thank goodness I have a couple of his airchecks thanks to a friend of Stan and me in Atlanta.

  2. Randy Allen says:

    I was working the midnight shift at WHSL when Jonn Foxx called me and said you are off the air. I sat there for two hours or more talking and spinning the music not knowing we were off the air. The old hellicrafter radio that Sid Wilson had rigged up to squeal did not work if the signal was lost.I felt like an idiot, Those were the good days of radio Gates boards,carts ,teletypes.

    • charles says:

      Hi Randy,

      I am a Wilm Native looking for airchecks by pepper tanner (Music People) Wgni had in the 70s or Music Radio jingles.
      I have some old jingles and willing to trade. If have any or know anyone who does, Plz contact me.
      Thanks Charles

      • Charles says:

        Hey guys,

        Still looking for the Pepper Tanner airchecks or jingles GNI had the the 70s. I have a few jingles from various eras in the local area, willing to trade.

  3. mike hotaling says:

    I just spent the last week on carolina beach at my sisters condo there and pretty much had my radio glued to jammin 99.9 the whole time a very refreshing oldies mix.

  4. George Wisehart says:

    I have a money clip that advertises The NEW WKLM 980 KC 5000 Watts a Tnoms Station Wilmington N.C. Phone RO3-4633 Your Service Station with music above and news below … this is also a fingernail care piece knife blade on one side nailfile on the other everything is in a barely used condition except the advertizing … still readable but not as pretty as it once was. Its for sale my phone is 1-812-653-2521 THANK YOU George

  5. Bobby Rich says:

    I worked with John at WJIM Lansing, Mich. He must have come directly from WKLM. I never heard of him again and have often wondered what happened.

    FYI–at Big Jim radio at that time all jocks had to be named “Jim”… except John Sweet Daddy Foxx (in the Foxx Hole). He refused to be re-named and was allowed to be the only NON ‘Jim” on the station.;)

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