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1310 WGH / Norfolk/Virginia Beach

Dan O’Brien, 1310 WGH Norfolk Part 2 | 1977

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Here’s more of the Dan O’Brien morning show on 1310 WGH-AM. Notice lots of commercials, news updates, and a lack of jingles. But, that’s the way they did it in this Hampton Roads powerhouse!

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  1. In my teens – in the last years of the ’60s – my AM radio was set on ‘WGH in Old Virginia.’ I could even tune in the station while driving, just turning the knob until I heard the characteristic compressed audio. No other station sounded quite like WGH.

    I still sometimes remember the sound of WGH on a summer evening, with the crackle of static adding a certain excitement to it as I drove around in my 64 1/2 Mustang.

  2. Chicken Man-He’s everywhere ,He’s everywhere.

  3. Dan O’Brien never did morning drive at WGH. I was there 1964-83. This is George Crawford who did morning drive at WGH-AM for over 23 years.

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