Jim Collins, The Time Machine; 66 WNBC New York | 1987

Here’s an ultra-short scope of the late Jim Collins on an undated 1987 edition of the WNBC Time Machine!


    • No, Jim Collins was a great jock in his own rite. Colmes was a talk host and had the first pm drive without music – in fact, someone once told me that when Alan Colmes was hired to replace Joey Reynolds, they wanted him to play music – even if it was only 2 or 3 records per hour, and he refused, except for in the beginning, out of the Top hour newscast.

      • By the time Joey was gone, there wasn’t much music in the afternoon show. I believe Alan started off playing a couple of songs, but they were used as transitions between bits or guests.

        Jim Collins was a great jock and programmer, invaluable as my assistant, and one of my best friends. He left us much too soon.

  1. By the time I started listening to Alan Colmes it was after Soupy had been let go and Ray Dariano was doing afternoons…At that time Alan was not playing any music at all….But I do remember a short stint that Jim Collins had done during the transition of Soupy’s show to Ray’s show….He sounded great as always….Jim Collins is missed by many !! Including me !!

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