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KFMB-FM / San Diego

Jimi Fox, KFMB-FM B-100 FM San Diego | August, 1975


San Diego must have been ahead of most markets with the evolution of FM. By 1975, KFMB-FM was hot top 40, with a shotgun approach to personality hit radio that makes us pine for the good old days. Jimi Fox sounds great here and runs a TIGHT show!

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  1. Jimi is one of the great air talents from the 60’s & 70’s. Not only was he an air talent, he also held the titles of Music Director, & Program Director.Check out TEN-Q circa 1976. A Los Angeles station he put on the air.


    • Update to above: He spells his Name “Jimi”.


  2. I worked for Jimi Fox at Ten-Q….we are having a music industry reunion and I’m trying to find him. Any one know how to reach him?


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