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101.3 KDWB / Minneapolis/St. Paul

KDWB-FM “Stereo 101” Richfield/Minneapolis/St. Paul – Part 2 | 1980 or 81

Old logo for KDWB AM and FM

Description by Contributor…

KDWB FM Stereo
Richfield / Mpls. / St. Paul, MN
1980 or 1981 (?)
segments – just some odds and ends from same “Sunday Night at the 60’s” show
Remaining info the same other than:
1st generation tape: Maxell UD 35-90 @ 3.75 IPS

Note of interest: My original Pioneer R2R was completely wore out. Too many parties (back in the day…) and non-stop playback while I was working around the house put a big groove in the heads – too expensive to replace so I let it go, box, Instruction manual and all to a pawn shop. 4 years ago, I replaced it with an identical machine from eBay – no head wear what so ever and no oxide buildup around anything! It was pretty much a new (unused) machine – and works like it! Perfect match to my tapes. I’m keeping this one…

Thanks to Donald J. Bohn for this short but sweet look at KDWB-FM from a time before it’s long-running CHR format!

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  1. Great stereo from these 2 airchecks.
    …..just too bad they were samples only.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. The first voice was that of Steve Oliver and the rest of the aircheck featured Chip Hobart.


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