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610 KFRC / San Francisco

‘Marvelous’ Mark, 610 KFRC San Francisco | August 9, 1983

Found! Another 610 CLASSIC KFRC recording! This time, from a ‘lost’ Joe Tymecki CD archive, we look back to late Summer, 1983. The Summer hits are cookin’ on the big 610!

All the personality, jingles and hits are intact in this 10 minute scope of one of America’s best ever Top 40 stations. News with Vicki Liviacis, plenty of Marvelous Mark one-liners and lots of Bay area commercials make up this slice of radio heaven. San Francisco was indeed a city blessed with the best that radio had to offer!

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  1. Marvelous Went To KMEL In 1984 When They Went From Kamel 106 To All Hit 106 KMEL.


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