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Derrick Anderson, 99 WNOX (990 AM) Knoxville | July, 1979

Listening to this certainly brings back memories – not of WNOX, but of the days of AM radio in the Summertime. This aircheck will either bring back the sound and smell of an approaching Summer storm (hence the lightning static crashes on the aircheck), or it’ll remind you why you decided to listen to FM.

Derrick Anderson himself contributed this aircheck, for which we’re grateful. We’ve gotten many favorable comments about this since it posted in the Summer of ’02. Your webmaster learned, WNOX actually had a great signal along the southern Appalacians, Kentucky and even southern Ohio. Now, listen to it again as we restore WNOX to the Airchexx Archives!

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  1. I have an old tape recording of WNOX which I believe I made sometime in the mid 1950’s. The program was called “Nocturne” and was good soft music. The sponser was The Appalachian National Insurance Co.

    Does anyone know the dates (year) this program was on the air? It sure brings back good memories when I listen to it. I lived in Maryville at the time and was very young.

    Thank you in advance

    Bruce Trent
    Sharpsburg, GA
    [email protected]

  2. I was employed by Scripps-Howard at WNOX in 1977 & left in 1979 before Derrick came to Knoxville. I was Music Director & Assistant Program Director during my time there. Growing up in East Tennessee, WNOX was THE station for the surrounding towns. (We could not pick up WKGN due to low power on the “Famous 1340). However, WNOX was a big part of my life & the main reason I became a DJ. During my career, I spent three tours on the “Big 99” & cherish those memories.

  3. Steve,

    I could not get this to play through the embedded player.


  4. Me, too. In fact, I couldn’t play the Lohman and Barkley aircheck either.

  5. I found the problem. You can listen now. Please report any further problems here.

  6. Thanks for fixing it.

  7. Thank you for fixing it

  8. THIS IS THE WNOX I LOVED. To me this was when WNOX was at their best! I grew up listening to the Big 99. From the early to mid 70’s right up to the early 80’s ‘NOX was a leader. You’ll never know what an influence this station was on me!

  9. It’s nice to hear the aircheck of WNOX 990. I worked there for seven years as studio engineer and later as chief engineer. (1973-1980) Before the station was sold I left to work for the Voice of America radio in Washington,D.C.

  10. Steve West, did you get my story of WNOX and my entry into radio?

  11. I lived in Knoxville from the Fall of 1976 to the Spring of 1977–my Dad worked at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Loved listening to WNOX during that time–my sister listened to WRJZ.

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