Month: August 2011

“Monitor ’67”, WNBC New York | September 9, 1967

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis, here’s a rare recording of a weekend NBC “Monitor” show. This is a bit choppy, as the recording was stopped and re-started in many places throughout the original hour and a half tape. The tape is a bit worn, with dropouts (primarily on the left side) and white noise. Also, this was apparently recorded by a microphone placed in front of a radio speaker instead of a line-in jack getting the audio directly. This is an historic aircheck for many reasons. First, note the very relaxed, middle of the road music. You won’t hear the complete songs, obviously, since this is scoped for legal reasons, however you hear the announcer give song titles. The advertisements are frequent and will bring back quite a few memories to those who remembe...

Station Profile: Bill Lee, 610 KFRC San Francisco | 1983

For a description as short as this aircheck… Bill Lee is still one of America’s best jocks, the rhymes still flow from his show on WCBS-FM New York. But this is 1983 and the station is KFRC. This sounds like a station promotion tape for the sales department. It runs less than two minutes but it’s all high-energy snippets of the former 96-TIC hitman himself!

Dale Dorman, 68 WRKO Boston | July 4, 1972

Dale Dorman was always fun, silly and just an all around kidder. And he’s at his best on this cool Summer morning here as Boston celebrates America’s Independence by tuning in to WRKO! Well, okay maybe thats not how all Bostonians did it but many were tuned in to Uncle Dale every morning. I’m always struck by how in the early 70s, WRKO really had a laid back sound that didn’t quite fit many of the ‘typical’ RKO stations around the country. Jingles were used infrequently and the whole atmosphere at WRKO at the time seemed less intense as one would expect from this Top 40 giant. Indeed, by 1976, WRKO was the hottest sounding station in Boston, and perhaps in many ways one of the best in the U.S. but this was the post-Drake era (by a couple of years). Other...

Dale Dorman; Steve Lundy, 610 KFRC San Francisco | December 24, 1967

This is our own custom scope from a recording provided by Matt @ BigAppleAirchecks. The whole thing runs just over four minutes out of 20 before I took out the music. Dale Dorman went from KFRC to Boston’s WRKO where he’d do wakeups. He’d also hold down mornings at WVBF Framingham for a while during their “F-105” Top 40 era, then on to truly legendary status at WXKS-FM Medford. His PM drive run at Kiss 108 would span nearly 20 years. Dorman’s last full time gig was at Boston’s WODS. That ended a few years ago. Dale Dorman is retired now, but much loved and remembered by listeners on both coasts. We don’t have much information on Steve Lundy, other than he was at KFRC back in the beginning – one of the original “610 Men”. I&#...

Rick Dees in the Morning, 93/KHJ Los Angeles | May 24, 1979

Courtesy of Matt @ BigAppleAirchecks is this classic episode of Rick Dees’ Morning Show on 93 KHJ. For those not familiar with Dees’ show, his was full of characters (played by Dees himself and his wife, who did the female characters) and zany phone calls. No wonder after his tenure at KHJ, he would go on to legendary status on KIIS-FM. Notice, the date has changed on this… often, when there’s a question of the exact date of an aircheck, our listeners can determine (sometimes down to the MINUTE!) exactly when a program aired. Thanks to the guy known as ‘calradiopd’ for today’s clues. This runs just about 21 minutes, scoped.

Dr. Don Rose, KFRC “Magic 61” – First Hour | August 11, 1986

After 20 years as a Top 40 giant, KFRC launches into the Nostalgia format of “Magic 61”. Here’s the very first hour and a half of the re-launched Magic 61. The KFRC call letters after 6am were used ONLY during the top of the hour legal ID… probably to differentiate from the former Top 40 format. The Doctor is doing his best to be himself in a format that no longer really fits what HE does. As Dr. Don would quip, “I feel like I just woke up and it’s twenty years ago!”. Perhaps thirty years would be more like it. DDR is quick to point out, “all eleven phone lines are lit up!!”. And they were. Many callers got to voice their well wishes to Dr. Don, and some even managed to get a jab in at the new format. Most were civil, however. This was ...

Russ Cassidy, WCMS “FM 100” Norfolk Va | February 17, 1988

…FM 100 WCMS, Your Station Of The Stars! In what might just turn out to be the only remaining aircheck of the old WCMS (AM 1050, FM 100.5), here’s a recording I made while living in Portsmouth, Va. I was stationed in Norfolk during the years 1985-1988, much of that time in the Naval shipyards in Portsmouth. WCMS was the leading Country music station in those years. Other stations came and went. For a time, there was WKEZ “Keys Country” at 94.1 on the Penninsula. Then, I think around 1987 there was WSKX, “Kix 106” on 106.9 in Suffolk. WKEZ lasted for a while. 106.9 did not. As I recall they went Classic Rock. The Norfolk market is much changed these days with the main Country station being WGH 97.3. WCMS no longer exists (but the call letters are in use a...

John Saville, WWYZ “Country 92.5” Waterbury/Hartford | March 21, 1989

From the Steve West collection comes this 23 year old tape just found in an old box. Honestly, I forgot that I even recorded this. Here’s John Saville on his former night shift on Country 92.5, about six months after the station flipped to Country from AC. The station is using its original jingle package, one that I’ve been looking for for many years unsuccessfully. Frankly, I’m amazed at how old this sounds. I was a huge fan of this station from the day it launched and I don’t remember there being a log of gold cuts in rotation, but this aircheck clearly shows two things: First, Country music, while only three years away from mainstream with artists such as Garth Brooks and Clint Black dominating the Country charts in ’92, was still playing many artists that ...

610 KFRC San Francisco: The End of Top 40 | August 11, 1986; 3:00 – 6:00 AM

Public affairs programming ends and overnight jock Jack Silver picks up where the station always did at 3am – playing the best music. Only, on this particular morning, the playlist is opened up all the way back to 1955. Its the final show of Rock & Roll music on KFRC. The Big 610 was about to be put to sleep and it fell to Jack Silver to nail it down with class. Phone lines are opened and San Francisco listeners pour their hearts out in saying goodbye to a station they grew up with, and stayed with through the 80s. Perhaps there was never an AM station to match either the personality or the popularity that KFRC had. Right up to the end, it was a class act. At 6am, the curtain closed on three decades of Top 40 music with a song that seemed so appropriate. Journey’s “L...

Jackson Armstrong on 1510 WMEX Boston | February, 1968

Jackson Armstrong seems to be one of’s favorites – his name shows up in our search page almost as frequently as Dan Ingram – and little wonder why! One of the fastest talkers ever, Armstrong has a long history of gracing radio stations with his mouth, one of them being WMEX Boston. Here’s a young Jackson Armstrong with vocal cords engaged – certainly revving up WMEX – which at this time was in hot pursuit of WRKO. This aircheck literally rolls along at light speed! Listen how Armstrong plays the Rolling Stones jingle, then never misses a beat in ‘fixing’ it. You’ll also hear those custom PAMS jingle cuts exclusively for WMEX. The “Good Guys” were definitely cookin’ in Boston in ’68!

Shotgun Tom Kelly, WGCL G98 Cleveland | January 3, 1975

G98 Playin Less Commercials and More Boogie… The 70s sure had their share of economic difficulties, eh? Even here in 1975, stations are basing some of their promotions around people having hard times. This opens with just such a contest. This is a short recording of Shotgun Tom Kelly on the old G98. This station had no shortage of creative talent on the air over the years (Tom Kent was here for a time). Listeners are invited to comment below.

The Howard Clark Show, 610 KFRC San Francisco | November 25, 1966

It seems like it was ALWAYS Para Camero time at KFRC in the 60s. Here’s the Big 610 on Thanksgiving Day playing the All-Time Top 300. Its amazing to hear the Drake sound once again… with Bill Drake voicing a dry Top Hour Legal ID. There was no reverb on KFRC, but the station was always processed to perfection. With only a 5kw signal, KFRC still managed to top ratings in San Francisco and all over the Bay Area. You’ll hear plenty of those old KFRC jingles. Extra credit if you can name the imaging voice used on KFRC in this recording.

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