Month: September 2011

Chuck Collier, 99.5 WGAR Cleveland | January 30, 2007

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, Here’s a more recent aircheck of the late Chuck Collier. Chuck is heard, very much in his element here on Country 99-5 WGAR during PM drive. This aircheck is a bit disappointing, but only because we don’t hear much of Chuck. This is somewhat typical of radio today, lots of music and sweepers and only one or two jock talk breaks. That’s unfortunate, because Chuck Collier sounds wonderful with that unique Ohio accent. Even with only a few breaks, Collier’s personality comes through.

A Sample of 88.1 WCWP Brookville, NY | November, 1974

Its not often we post something from the world of Public Radio, but this isn’t your ordinary Public station. From what we can gather, it’s not even an NPR affiliate! Most college stations which are student-run have a very amateur-ish sound to them. No matter what the format, and perhaps just to be different than commercial radio, they all really sound like a bunch of kids with a stack of records. What makes this different is the quality of imaging elements and promos in between the records. Remember now, this was 1974, NOT our modern digital age, so these guys really had to work to make things sound right and mix correctly. Even the segues and back timing are perfect! WCWP is the station of C.W. Post Campus at Long Island University in Brookfield, NY. It’s not quite consi...

Chuck Collier, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | 1975

Contributor Keith Teicher submitted this timely audio of Cleveland legend Chuck Collier on the occasion of the broadcaster’s untimely death. Says Keith, this is an aircheck of Chuck Collier on WCBS-FM in NYC from the summer of 1975. Yesterday Chuck died of a heart attack. He had worked at WGAR AM and FM in Cleveland for 30+ years, with just a two year stint at WCBS-FM. Here’s the Obit piece written by Chuck Yarborough on Click Here to read. Some of the truly wonderful things about this aircheck are the age and quality of the recording. From 1975, WCBS-FM at this point in time, is a hybrid Oldies/Contemporary station. Note the reference to “future gold” – there was even a SURVEY out every week! This is from Keith Teicher’s own tape collecti...

Dennis Dillon, WLFX “X100” Winchester VA (Lexington KY) | 1992

Sometimes it’s exceedingly difficult to dig up much information on an old radio station. This is one of those hard to find stations that went through a number of format changes and call signs over the years. Like most, this station was gone before the time of the internet and therefore, there’s not even a logo left around from an old website to find. This recording is of Dennis Dillon. We don’t really know where he went after X100 but perhaps there is someone out there who does. This is an upbeat station with a lot of variety – a station not afraid to play the big Hair bands along side the emerging rap artists. We’d consider it ‘mainstream CHR’ today. The WLFX call letters are on another frequency in the market today, on a completely different radi...

WBZ Boston’s 90th Anniversary Celebration, Part 2 | September 19, 2011

Here’s part 2 of the Steve LeVeille Broadcast, 2-5am, 9/19/11.

WBZ Boston’s 90th Anniversary Celebration, Part 1 | September 19, 2011

Here’s part 1 of the much anticipated WBZ Boston 90th anniversary celebration. Radio historian (and freelance news reporter) Scott Fybush guests on the Steve LeVeille Broadcast at 12 midnight, Monday, September 19, 2011. Listen as they talk about the history of WBZ, from its first broadcast at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield in 1921, to the WBZ/WBZA combo station from Springfield and Boston, to Fybush’s days as a news writer for veteran news anchor Gary LaPierre. There’s plenty more to come, including full newscasts from CBS radio and the first three minutes of Boston’s Morning News at 5:01 AM at the end of part two! This is the first two hours of the program. Part 2 will feature the final three hours of the Steve LeVeille broadcast from this day.

Flying Bryan & The McDonald’s Top 9 at 9, WOKI ‘I-100’ Oak Ridge (Knoxville) | August, 1992

Less than a year away from flipping to Country, Top 40 WOKI (100.3 Oak Ridge) was in its final CHR incarnation, after trying different slogans such as FM 100 and “Hits 100” before finally coming up with “I-100”. One would think that with the monster signal WOKI had that virtually ANY format would do well, but apparently not, as CHR would go away in 2003, then the Country format would also go in 1998. The whole frequency and transmitter would go shortly thereafter. Here’s an exciting slice of 90s history. Allow yourself to be taken back to an evening that perhaps, you’re heading out to dance for the evening. While you get ready to go to the club, you’ve got this station on and you’re getting all excited while you listen to the Top 9 at 9 count...

Cat Simon, 95.5 WMET Chicago | February 6, 1985

I’m often amazed at the amount of (or lack of) information regarding radio stations that were once popular in a particular city. Case in point is this 90 minute cassette of 95.5 WMET Chicago. Now, if you’re under the age of 35, chances are you don’t remember WMET even if you lived in the Windy City all your life. It’s been Spanish WNUA since 2009 and before that was New Age/Smooth Jazz. About this aircheck: This was apparently recorded within the first few days of a major format change at WMET. For many years, 95.5 was owned by Metromedia – a company known for it’s Rock stations – such as 102.7 WNEW-FM New York and 94.7 KMET Los Angeles. Metromedia also owned and operated the former WNEW Eleven-Three-Oh in NYC, a station which popularized American ...

Composite: 1020 KTNQ Los Angeles, “The New Ten-Q”

Listen to the collection of voices in this long composite! Narrated by Jimi Foxx, this includes the station’s 1976 launch, then continues on to profile the (then) current airstaff and their ratings performance. I’m guessing that this was produced in 1977, perhaps as a sales tool or for an industry trade publication. This was contributed by Matt Seinberg at BigAppleAirchecks, and unfortunately I don’t know who his source was for this particular aircheck. I’ll leave the detailed description to those more knowledgeable about KTNQ, in the comments section below. Feel free to add your opinions to the discussion!

“Super” Max Kinkel, CKLW “The Big 8” Windsor (Ontario) | January 21, 1976

“… on the Money Station, C K L W!!” Six minutes of Motor City madness with Super Max! This is the station once considered the third most listened to station in the world! ‘Super’ Max Kinkel is filling in for Ted ‘The Bear’ Richards, who is with the Bay City Rollers this particular evening and is going to be arriving in the CKLW studios a bit later. Super Max even makes mention of the crowd gathered outside the studio awaiting Ted Richards’ arrival with the band. CKLW is giving away lots of money during here at the start of 1976. In fact, this aircheck starts out with Kinkel giving one lucky listener $50.00 for knowing the right numbers… obviously a great listener! This aircheck ends at 9:06 pm (CKLW time), with Ted Richards arriving in ...

Brian White, “99X”WXLO New York | Sometime 1974

Short enough to be a MICRO-Check, here’s something new Contributor Keith Teicher sent in a few weeks ago. This is Brian White on 99X, and we’re guessing at the year here – sounds like 1976, although there’s not really enough of this aircheck to really get a feel for the exact date, but one can get reasonably close. UPDATE: Date changed to 1974 thanks to some helpful listeners. WXLO sure is cookin’ in this short composite. We’ve had some discussions about 99X and conclude that had this been on FM in 1983 instead of the mid 70s, there most certainly would never have been WHTZ Z-100 or a CHR WPLJ, and perhaps not even a 92.3 WKTU in it’s CHR form. 99X was light years ahead of its time. And lest we remind you, that was RKO Radio! We’ll NEVER let ...

Joe Dawson, Hot Hits ™ “96 Now” WBBM-FM Chicago | 1983

Courtesy of Contributor Keith Teicher, here’s 14 minutes of pure Hot Hits ™ heaven! WBBM-FM was known as “96 Now” in 1983. You’ll hear a generous dose of TM Fusion ™ jingles sung for WBBM-FM. It starts with the 96 Now morning show, then moves on to Joe Dawson’s late morning/midday show. Hot Hits fans will notice the rigid formatting in place at WBBM-FM. For some reason, this sounds more formal than the earlier version of Hot Hits that Mike Joseph instituted at WTIC-FM Hartford some 6 years earlier. Comments? Joe Dawson is one of our personal favorites… Joe is one of the most positive people and you’ll see that if you look him up on Facebook – his are the most encouraging posts you’ll read in a day!