“Match Game 1984”, 66 WNBC New York | December, 1984

Listen now, to the ORIGINAL broadcast of “Match Game 1984” as broadcast on 66 WNBC New York. This is NOT a re-creation, but a recording of the authentic broadcast, made by contributor Bob Gilmore as it was heard in 1984.

In your webmaster’s opinion, the whole of WNBC’s format in the years 1983-1986 was one of the most entertaining and best all around radio that was ever done in New York… maybe anywhere. You got music, information, laughter… this is a comment about WNBC radio, not Stern. WNBC IMHO, was at least as good in it’s own right, during these years, as WABC was in it’s heyday in the 1960s. This is what radio was SUPPOSED to be like, and NBC actually got it right!
Even after Stern was gone, the Soupy Sales / Joey Reynolds era in 1986 was hilariously funny, even as the Top 40 format segued to a mix of contemporary hits and Oldies (and oh, what we wouldn’t do for a Joey Reynolds show with Roz Frank and Al Rosenberg!). There is nothing like this anywhere that we know of in radio today, and that’s too bad, considering the shot in the arm to any station that would dare air something close to the WNBC format of the 1980s would do in this era of consolidation. End Rant.

Appearing in no particular order: Robin Quivers (WNBC News), Donna Feducia (WNBC Traffic), Bruce (the Engineer), Sid Ronkus, Janie LaCue (The WNBC Cleaning Lady), ‘Ringo Starr’, ‘Lou Ferrigno’, ‘Richard Dawson’, Don Imus, Howard Stern (as ‘Gene Rayburn, Jr.’). Particularly pay attention to the “Podishua Shaving Cream” live spot at about 25 minutes in. Music by The Police & Chaka Khan.

66 WNBC New York, 1980s


  1. Interesting to hear the interplay between Imus and Stern. I was always lead to believe that there was a feud between the two (especially from Stern’s movie “Private Parts”). The fact that Imus appeared on Stern’s show leads me to believe that perhaps the two had reconciled their differences. Can anyone shed any light on this point?

  2. WNBC was one of a few radio stations I dreamed about being on…WLS is the only other one I can think of. I love the “full service” approach to personality radio…

  3. Imus knew Howard was goign to be huge and had huge numbers and went on his show to get more exposure for himself..it was all of the same imus being a dick head.

  4. I remember Howard Stern doing a “Dial A Dyke” dating game, with lesbians calling in to talk to one lezzy on line one. three other lezzies had to impress the main lez, and the winner goes out on a date in Manhattan. Funny shit.

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