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95.5 WPLJ / New York

Chris Marino, The 4th of July Non-Stop Party Weekend, 95.5 WPLJ New York | July 4, 1996

For those of you in a Summer kind of mood, here’s the HotAC version of 95.5 WPLJ as they play Classic Hits for the 4th of July holiday! Considering the position this station is in today, they couldn’t get away with it with WCBS-FM playing all these hits in rotation now, but in ’96 this was a big deal!

WPLJ is one of those stations that’s just… there. Once WABC-FM in the 60s, WPLJ evolved into an early AOR and stayed there until late 1983 when it slowly evolved into CHR. It sounded great and for a time, even used some of the WABC Jam jingles resung for WPLJ. The CHR war evolved into a head on collision with CHR powerhouse WHTZ Z100, a war which WPLJ eventually lost. The station threw in the towel as a hit music station after it’s hottter-than-hell “Mojo Radio” incarnation (Thanks, Scott Shannon for some great times!) ended, finally moving in a more adult direction in the early 90s.

It’s a more current-based format now than in 1996, but the AC factor is ever-present in this Independence Day recording of classics and Oldies, neatly wrapped in an exciting HotAC radio station. This is 95.5 WPLJ – and in July, 1996, it definitely was mom’s radio station!

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  1. this was a fantastic aircheck to listen to except for poor audio quality during the first 3 minutes


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