Month: December 2011

Steve Mitchell, 96.3 WMYQ Miami | December 29, 1972

Courtesy of the new Mike Raub Collection, here’s a quarter-hour of the Steve Mitchell Show on the old WMYQ Miami. This is everything you wanted to hear in the “Q” format… Q-Tips, Shotgun “Q” jingles (the same you would hear at KCBQ San Diego during this time period) and the whole shotgun approach to Top 40 radio. WMYQ was the station which immediately preceeded the station known as 96X – WMJX, which went on to legendary status only to have it’s license revoked by the FCC in 1981. There are other tribute sites to this station on the web, so we won’t get into the particulars of 96X here. Related: Phil Baker on WMYQ, 1974

Walt ‘Baby’ Love, CKLW, “The Big 8” Windsor (Detroit) | 1970

New from the Mike Raub collection, 6 minutes of Walt Baby Love, heard in 1970 doing the Bill Drake format at The Big 8! Here’s a YOUNG sounding Baby Love, from the years before he would join the cast of WXLO 99X New York.

Composite: Radio Luxembourg – The Great 208 | June 14, 1982

Introducing the newly minted Mike Raub Collection! The first of many additions is this scratchy, but authentic recording of what was known as the world’s most powerful commercial radio station. Running 1300 KW at 1440 (actually 1439) KHZ on the AM band, this was easily the largest commercial AM station in the world! The station was located at a place known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A great place to have a commercial radio station if you wanted to reach all of the free, captialist part of Western Europe and the British Isles. In fact, Radio Luxembourg was aimed, specifically, at Great Britain since the British government prohibited commercial broadcasting until 1973. There, with its broadcast day beginning at dusk and going all night, Radio Luxembourg enjoyed an almost complet...

Willie B. & Floyd Wright, WKCI KC-101 Hamden/New Haven CT | 1979

Originally posted on 10/21/04 in Real Audio format. Kopps/Monahan was one of those small broadcast companies that believed in doing things right. In New Haven CT, their highly rated 13 WAVZ was a ratings success story. In 1979, they decided to launch the format on FM, flipping WKCI 101.3 to Top 40 as KC-101. Here is a composite from later in their first year… Starting with Willie B. (whom I think was on WAVZ, KC-101’s sister AM Station) finishing with ‘Friendly’ Floyd Wright. Wright was later heard on WTIC-FM Hartford, then on WWYZ Waterbury, after the format flipped from AC to Country in 1988. Update (12/16/11): These days, Wright is doing afternoons on Oldies 102.9 WDRC-FM.

Dick Summer, “New York 97” WYNY (97.1) | 1979

A recent contribution from Ray Bozzanca, this scoped recording of fan favorite Dick Summer on the old AC station WYNY from 1979 when it was still at 97.1 FM. This is somewhat of a disappointment, since much of Summer’s content was edited out of the original recording. Frankly, I’m surprised that more airchecks don’t come in this way, since many of us recorded the radio for the music, not the DJ patter. Still, there’s enough of Summer’s personality coming through to make this a worthwhile aircheck. Surprisingly, we get about two minutes of WYNY news at the 3/4 mark of this recording. No commercials, but you will hear a few old WYNY jingles. Notice the music. Barry Manilow, Dolly Parton, and lots of Beatles. This was Gold-Based AC before the term existed.

William B. Williams Farewell: WNEW 1130 New York, Part 3 – August 3, 1986

From Ira Warren Patasnik, the third segment of this great tribute to legendary WNEW broadcaster William B. Williams, who passed away of complications from colon cancer on August 3, 1986. Bob Jones hosts the “Make Believe Ballroom” for this tribute to Mr. Williams, who had hosted the program up until his cancer surgery in 1985. Jones was considered a fill-in host up until this date, as Williams was expected to return, had he recovered. Listen for numerous callers, some famous names, others just simply listeners, who called to share their memories of William B. Williams.

Mitch Michaels, 105.9 WCKG Chicago | Undated

Part of the Robyn Watts Collection and taken from California Aircheck tape #S-206, Side One, here’s Mitch Michaels and a 6 minute scope of the morning show on 105.9 WCKG. I don’t know much about WCKG but this is a very high quality recording that held up well over the years. Don’t forget, if you like any of the airchecks featured here at Airchexx from California Aircheck, please visit them online, as they’ve been recording radio stations for DECADES now, and chances are you’ll find something you like. Click the graphic below to go to their website.

The Damon Scott Show, 96-5 WTIC-FM Hartford | March 5, 2002

From the new Doug North collection, here’s a different look at a former Hot Hits ™ station that outgrew its old Top 40 roots. 2002 is not that long ago, but WTIC-FM is a heritage hit music station, and although these days there’s lots of voice tracking and nighttime syndication with the Billy Bush show, even a decade ago this was still a local personality oriented adult hit music station. Damon Scott is a great talent. Listen for some great bits and a couple of great contests. It takes talent to really ‘work the phones’, and Scott has it mastered! One of the main features of afternoon drive, on this tape, is Mark The Shark, the traffic guy. I love how they did remixes of popular songs inserting ‘Mark The Shark’ lyrics and the song beds for his traf...

John Bouchet, “Club 102-7”, WXYV B102-7 Baltimore | November 20, 1999

Club mix fans will enjoy this scope of John Bouchet mixing live at Baltimore’s Rhythmic Top 40 B102-7. Running just about 21 minutes out of the original two-sided TDK D-90, you get a real feel for the near perfect mixes done the only way a real mix show can be – with vynl. Remember, this was a mere three years after Telcom ’96, and the disasterous unintended consequences of rampant consolidation hadn’t completely become evident. Yet. Note the complete lack of any mention of internet, smart phones, tablets or computers. I believe we were still using America Online back then, right? And it was all on dialup. In fact, the housing market hadn’t crashed yet, and 9/11 was still two years away. Do you realize just how long ago this was?

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