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800 CKLW / Detroit/Windsor

Walt ‘Baby’ Love, CKLW, “The Big 8” Windsor (Detroit) | 1970

New from the Mike Raub collection, 6 minutes of Walt Baby Love, heard in 1970 doing the Bill Drake format at The Big 8! Here’s a YOUNG sounding Baby Love, from the years before he would join the cast of WXLO 99X New York.

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  1. hi i loved the big 8 and walt baby love did well for himself working there went to wklo new york is he still in radio i wonder any comments jb

  2. He currently hosts three uplifting radio programs – The Urban AC Countdown, Gospel Traxx, Making It Happen and the Countdown with Walt Baby Love. Walt is heard on over 200 radio stations.
    // He is also an ordained minister!

    Worked with Walt at WXLO, 99X, New York in 1974-75 as News Director of this legendary station, made even more memorable by Walt!

  3. One of New York City’s greatest jocks of all time! Thanks for posting this motor city incarnation of “Baby Love”.

  4. A little off track, but it is interesting that Canada started Daylight Savings earlier in the year than the USA back then…

    • Actually, at the time of this recording, Michigan didn’t observe daylight saving time. There were several states back then that didn’t do the time change. I live in Florida, and we didn’t observe it until 1966.

  5. No Paul. One of them went thru a period where they didn’t switch to dst, hence the double time checks.

  6. I grew up listening to Walt “Baby” Love on top-40 WOR-FM/WXLO and, later, even pop adult (or soft rock or contemporary MOR or whatever adult contemporary was called at the time) WNBC.

  7. I remember the “West Coast vs. East Coast Dragster Championship” being advertised on New York City top-40 stations as coming to National Speedway on Long Island (NYC’s eastern suburbs’ version of New Jersey’s Raceway Park (of “HA-hahahahahahaha!RACEwayyyy PARK!!” radio-commercial fame), itself advertised heavily on New York Top 40 radio back in the day.

  8. Listened to The Big Eight across the Lake in Erie Pa. While I attended Gannon College. The greatest station I have ever enjoyed listening to, then one day it was gone, memories still live on.

  9. For those of us on the west coast – Walt also worked nights @ 93 KHJ for a short period.

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