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106.3 KKLQ / San Diego

Eight Minutes with Q-106 – KKLQ San Diego | November 15, 1996

Out of the newly minted Doug North Collection comes this just-over-eight-minute scope of the old KKLQ Q106 San Diego.

Q106 is another one of those West Coast stations that stands out due to it’s popularity and the jocks who passed through on their way up (and sometimes down) their radio careers. During the period of time that this was recorded, Q106 would have format competitors KHTS “Channel 933” and XHITZ 90.3 (From just across the Mexican boarder in Tijuana).

Sometime after 2004, KKLQ flipped to Spanish Language programming under the call letters KLNV – La Nueva 106.5. That format continues as of this writing.

Interested visitors and station fans of Q106 are cordially invited to comment below. Please, fill us in on what you know of this aircheck or station.

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  1. I love this site they need to back back Q106 in San Diego.


  2. Wow looking at the sticker brings back my childhood memories of living in El Cajon and listening to Q106. I was sad to hear they flipped it.


  3. I grew up listening to this station but it flipped in August 1998 not 2004.


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