QuickCheck: Nick Summers, “Hit Music 104″ KZZP Phoenix | June 11, 1984

Courtesy of the folks at AircheckDownloads.com, here’s a short, 3 minute scope of the old “Hit Music 104″ KZZP out of Phoenix. It’s called “Kiss-FM” today, but go back with us to the Summer of ’84 when this was a personality-oriented top 40.

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Steve West

I am the owner and editor of Airchexx.com, an audio museum of radio history. An audiophile and broadcast professional, I have worked on the air in radio stations in Central Massachusetts, Charleston, South Carolina, Corpus Christi, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee and Norwalk, Connecticut. Full disclosure: Steve "West" is my radio name, assigned to me by the former Ops manager at what was WMBZ, 94.1 "The Buzz" in Memphis. I kept it for the radio stuff I do.Currently, On-Air at on-line station http://hitoldies.com weekends, and by day I am an Electrician at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.

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4 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Gee, Nick sounds like Steve Goddard’s son.


  2. Brady says:

    Awesome. To put it simply. Ironically Steve Goddard is spinning some those same cuts today in PM drive on KOOL-FM Phoenix.

    I miss that hot off the cart radio. The red and yellow colors many classic 80s CHR stations used in their logos, good jocks and hot jingles. They knew how to keep the control board cooking.

    So stupid they didn’t sell booze on election day until after the election, very outdated and un-needed, I’m glad Arizona gave up on that.

  3. TG says:

    I think this was in November 1984. Bruce Springsteen came to Tempe on 11/8/84 and the high temp during the weather report was only 87. No way it was June in Arizona!!!!

  4. calradiopd says:

    Once again, you’ve been tripped up by the European dating standard of day/month/year.

    6/11/84 would be November 6, 1984, not June 11, 1984.

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