Chris Stevens, WMAR-FM 106-Hits Baltimore | December 30, 1983

One of the great “Hot Hits” ™ formatted CHR stations of the 80s was Mike Joseph’s creation in Baltimore. Today’s “Mix 106.5″ got its start as WMAR-FM, an incredibly high-energy hit music station that did, indeed, play all the hits. Rock, Pop, R&B… if it charted, they played it. A true Top 40 in every respect.

Heard in this nine-minute scope are those wonderful Hot Hits ™ jingles, heard elsewhere at WFBL, WTIC-FM, WBBM-FM and WCAU-FM, KITS, along with a few others. Listeners are playing for ‘Baltimore’s Big Bucks’, where the jackpot is never less than $106.00.

Does anyone remember Barry Manilow’s “Read em And Weep”? I forgot this song ever existed!

One thing that stands out on this aircheck is the high audio quality. This one sounds like you’re listening to it for the first time. My only wish is that we could present this unscoped, for, this is a serious time machine – if you remember 1983 the way I do, you’ll be instantly transported to the year that musically, separated 70s guitar rock from 80s (and beyond) pop.

We are treated to a generous dose of local events, frigid weather forecasts and a format with thousands of fans who remember the Hot Hits format on the station known as 106-Hits.

Steve West

I am the owner and editor of, an audio museum of radio history. An audiophile and broadcast professional, I have worked on the air in radio stations in Central Massachusetts, Charleston, South Carolina, Corpus Christi, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee and Norwalk, Connecticut. Full disclosure: Steve "West" is my radio name, assigned to me by the former Ops manager at what was WMBZ, 94.1 "The Buzz" in Memphis. I kept it for the radio stuff I do.Currently, On-Air at on-line station weekends, and by day I am an Electrician at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.

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