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Chuck Leonard, WRKS 98.7 Kiss-FM New York | November, 1987

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, here’s Chuck Leonard (WABC, WQEW)and a reasonably short scope (just a few breaks) of Mr. Leonard and a lot of historically significant advertisements. The imaging isn’t over the top here, but the music was certainly edgy for its time. If you remember 98.7 Kiss (they DON’T call it Kiss-FM here) from it’s heyday, this aircheck is for you!

98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 2 | April 29, 2012

Part two of the Final Broadcast day at New York’s 98.7 Kiss-FM begins where part one left off. Some parting words from the Open Line program, then it’s on to the not-quite-final “Rhythm Review” featuring host Felix Hernandez. As Felix’s guests this day: Barry Mason and Chris Murray. Scoped down, you get a feel for the atmosphere as the personalities know it’s their final time in the WRKS studio, but, as they make constant references to, the show doesn’t end, it simply moves to 107.5 WBLS. Constant produced pieces remind listeners that the staffs of Kiss-FM and WBLS are merging and implore listeners to follow their favorite jocks down the dial. The Final Day Of 98.7 Kiss-FM | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | The End |  

98.7 WRKS “Kiss-FM” New York Says Goodbye, Part 1 | April 29, 2012

The final broadcast of New York’s Kiss-FM starts here. The ‘tape’ rolls at about 9:55 AM at the start of Kiss-FM’s “Open Line”, normally a community affairs program where the hosts take calls, however, this program, being the final one on 98.7, is different. The hosts are taking the opportunity to say goodbye, and open up the lines to chat with listeners. This is long, running almost 2 and a half hours, partly scoped only to remove the few whole songs and full stop sets. Listen, as some of these callers voice their anger at 98.7 being changed to ESPN! The history of 98.7 in New York is long and full of twists. We have many airchecks of this station over the years, Click this link to surf our selections from its time as 99X WXLO. The Final Day Of 98.7 Kis...

Bob Bolton, 79 WQXI Atlanta | August 1969

Another on reel from Karl Phillip’s collection of goodies… Bob Bolton from his show, Summer ’69.

Randy Robins, 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1969

Here’s some 1969 Atlanta gold! Audio quality is better than FM here on a tape provided to us by Contributor Karl Philips. This is from the original master REEL, which I encoded using a loaned Wollensack courtesy of Contributor and site friend Jack Parnell. Scoped as always, WQXI is sporting PAMS jingles, some great tunes and tons of commercials. Check out the one for Burger King! Fans of 60s Atlanta radio will surely remember Randy Robins as a great southern jock with lots of one-liners. Be sure to read through the comments, they are sure to bring back some memories!

Ross Brittain; Harriet Coffee, 106.1 WZGO (Z106) Philadelphia | September 24, 1988

Spanning the changeover from Morning to Midday drive times, here’s a somewhat rough sounding recording of the Ross Brittain morning show (“Brittain for Breakfast”). Our ‘annonymous’ Contributor says this was recorded between 9:45 and 10:30 AM, so what we get to hear is almost constant banter from Ross Brittain and crew, the final stop set for the 9 AM hour, then the Top of the Hour ID. From there it’s into regular format, which starts with six songs in a row. Then, the final break on this aircheck with Harriet Coffee and the start of a stop set, which runs through half of one commercial before the tape runs out. It’s a nice throwback, hearing dead segues with only ONE image liner! What station does THAT anymore? What a great sounding CHR station th...

The Greaseman (Doug Tracht), WWDC-FM ‘DC101’ Washington | 1983

He was irreverent. Bold. Outlandish. Wierd. And certainly not your run-of-the-mill radio personality. Doug Tracht, better known as The Greaseman, had a way about him on the air that no one before or since ever did. It’s probably indescribable, the stories, mumbling and sometimes just plain highly suggestive gibberish expelled by Grease’… but sometimes, it was just genius. Here’s a slice of morning radio at DC101, presumably several clips from different shows and all of it from 1983. From Greaseman’s own parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” to a skit with the setting being the jungles of North Vietnam, this composite aircheck runs the gambit from the sexually suggestive to hilarious, to the downright serious. As Contributor Steve Bleecker des...

“Steveski”, WWDC ‘DC101’ Washington DC | October 8, 1987

New Contributor David Varndell checks in with this high quality recording of Steveski during his afternoon show. Its a crisp, Autumn day and the weather forecast is for freezing temperatures this particular night. We left the commercials in this one, as we often do, because of the historic nature of them. Check out the prices for suits at the “Men’s Warehouse” – yes, they were around in 1987! Most notably, in the first stop set, the very first commercial is for the (then) brand-new Microsoft Works! Remember, for those of us with computers, most of us were working in DOS, or with a Commodore 64… this is SO TELLING of the state of technology, even as we remember that in radio years, 1987 just doesn’t seem like that long ago! Also VERY PROMINENT on this air...

Jeff Goodrich, 93.1 WDRQ Detroit | 1972

Contributor Paul Ford sent this in a while back… it’s 1972 and DRQ is airing The Last … Contest. Certainly wasn’t the last contest ever aired on WDRQ, nor anywhere else, but the contest voicers sound the same no matter what station it was done on (can you say KCBQ?). The audio quality on this is fair. The jock’s name – Jeff Goodrich, part of the early Top 40 staff of WDRQ after their launch as the nation’s first All-News FM station in 1971. That failed miserably, but if it were done today… well well well, probably would have a winner on their hands, who knows. This is a real classic for your listening pleasure!

Mike Hotaling, WQBK/WQBJ “The Edge”, Albany NY | Winter 1994

Description by Mike Hotaling: “Here’s a check of WQBK/WQBJ The Edge, Wintertime 1994. Lots of phones, good quality. Towards the end of this one is my interview of local Albany TV legend Ralph Vartigan. It is a great trip down memory lane as Ralph talks about the early days of television. I’m so glad I somehow saved this one.”

Paul Grundas, Xtra 104 Washington DC | February, 1996

Here’s a rare recording of the 104.1 WXTR Waldorf MD/103.9 WXVR Frederick MD simulcast from shortly after the format change to all-70s. We’re not sure what daypart this is from, but considering the lack of commercials it’s a good bet this is from the overnight. Paul Grundas only mentions his name once, but we do get to hear the long legal ID towards the end. WXTR was the major traditional 50s-70s Oldies outlet in the Nation’s Capitol, but sometime before this ‘check was recorded the station flipped to a 70s Classic Hits format. Note the 103.9/104.1 simulcast – you can hear the former “Z104” CHR format with the heritage WZYQ call letters here in a tape donated to the site by Howard Johnson via Norm Miller. Or, click the Z104 logo. After a seri...

Alan Kabel, WYTZ “Z95” Chicago | 1988

Contributor Alan Kabel (WZOU Boston) presents himself for our critique here in this 8 minute scope of himself on WYTZ “Z95” Chicago. The energy level is off the scale here, on one of the tightest scopes you’ll hear anywhere!

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