Henry Nelson, WHRK “K97″ Memphis | November 20, 1984

Contributor Henry Nelson (WMC-FM 100) gave us this glimpse one of Memphis’ most popular stations, WHRK “K97″.

It’s a Tuesday morning and Nelson goes by a different name here, on the morning show, Henry Seeds. You’ll hear lots of commercials, a couple of news updates by Angela Murry, and many morning show features that are reminiscent of 70s and 80s small/medium market stations, such as local high school scores, school lunch menus and such. There’s a contest running (you have to listen for it), along with birthday wishes and LOTS of Time & Temperature checks.

Its really hard to remember a time when morning shows were done by a single jock, not centered around topics and jokes, or even done by a syndicated host – but this is most definitely a LOCAL Memphis morning show, done by a popular Memphis personality. So, yes, 1984 really WAS a long time ago! You’ll certainly get that feeling when you hear Houdini play about 2 minutes in!

WHRK has a long heritage serving the African-American community, enhanced by it’s sister station WDIA. Prior to the 1980s, WHRK was the FM station to top 40 legend WMPS. WHRK is still the leading Urban station, as K97.1 – with the music, and now with a major web presence.

WHRK K97 K97.1 Henry Nelson 1984 1980s WDIA Urban Gospel Black R&B Motown Soul African Memphis FM Radio

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