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104.3 WAXQ / New York

Julie Slater, WAXQ “Q104-3” New York | November 25, 1995

WAXQ Q1043 New York Rock Alternative Classic New

As part of our ‘Annonymous’ collection, here’s what we really SHOULD call a MicroCheck. One break of the old Active Rocker Q104-3, which has been a Classic Rocker for some time now.

Probably the hardest rocking station on the planet at one point in time, WAXQ was one of three stations playing Rock in New York City in the mid 90s. WNEW-FM was still around, as was WXRK. Little wonder, then, why the station would slant in a current-based, hard rock direction.

Enjoy this small slice of New York’s cadre of Rock stations from the past!

WAXQ Q1043 New York Rock Alternative Classic New

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  1. They should play more, its like less than a minute of the aircheck. But what a good station with an edge, they need to bring this back and mix in the classic rock. Alot of folks are getting sick and tired of just classic rock, especially in NY. Where there is no active rock on the radio.

  2. I second that comment, I’d love to hear more of this aircheck if it exists. Q1043 was an exciting station to listen to at that time. the mid 90s, about 1994 through 1996, spawned a lot of great alternative rock. Sadly, as with all other genres, once the record labels saw that there was a market for this kind of music, the market got flooded with copycat crap, but oh those first few years were lovely, and Q1043 was at the forefront of playing the latest in that style of music.

    • Unfortunately, that’s all there is of this particular recording. This was part of a recording that got recorded over by another aircheck, and was only present on the last 8 minutes of the tape. Perhaps someone has a recording of q1043 from this era they would be willing to contribute.

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