Jeff Goodrich, 93.1 WDRQ Detroit | 1972

Contributor Paul Ford sent this in a while back… it’s 1972 and DRQ is airing The Last … Contest. Certainly wasn’t the last contest ever aired on WDRQ, nor anywhere else, but the contest voicers sound the same no matter what station it was done on (can you say KCBQ?).

The audio quality on this is fair. The jock’s name – Jeff Goodrich, part of the early Top 40 staff of WDRQ after their launch as the nation’s first All-News FM station in 1971. That failed miserably, but if it were done today… well well well, probably would have a winner on their hands, who knows.

This is a real classic for your listening pleasure!

WDRQ Detroit 93.1 WJBK-FM WDEE-FM Disco 93 The Last Contest 1971 Bartelle Broadcasting FM Detroit WLTI Lite FM Doug-FM Joey Ryan Al Casey Bill Bailey "Rockin" Ron Baptist Ken Levine ("Beaver Cleaver") Don Cristi Mick Rizzo Brian White Jerry St. James Spanky "The Kid" Lea Kevin Jackson Larry Hudson Mike Vaughn Doug Banks Jeff Goodrich Paul Nicholas

Steve West

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  1. Steve Bleecker says:

    This guy is very good…however…sounds almost identical to all nite man Johnny Williams at crosstown C K L W !

  2. Bob Read says:

    It was the best of times – ALL NEWS – and talk radio, about 15 years ahead of its time. I was proud to be part of it.

    Bob Read

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