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“Steveski”, WWDC ‘DC101’ Washington DC | October 8, 1987 “Steveski”, WWDC ‘DC101’ Washington DC | October 8, 1987 – Airchexx.com
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“Steveski”, WWDC ‘DC101’ Washington DC | October 8, 1987

New Contributor David Varndell checks in with this high quality recording of Steveski during his afternoon show. Its a crisp, Autumn day and the weather forecast is for freezing temperatures this particular night.

We left the commercials in this one, as we often do, because of the historic nature of them. Check out the prices for suits at the “Men’s Warehouse” – yes, they were around in 1987! Most notably, in the first stop set, the very first commercial is for the (then) brand-new Microsoft Works! Remember, for those of us with computers, most of us were working in DOS, or with a Commodore 64… this is SO TELLING of the state of technology, even as we remember that in radio years, 1987 just doesn’t seem like that long ago!

Also VERY PROMINENT on this aircheck are the constant references to the Greaseman (DC-101 3/11/88, WAXC Rochester 1972, WPOP Hartford 1975, WXRK New York 1993, WAPE Jacksonville 1971) Morning Show! Before he went syndicated and before the crash and burn, Greaseman was THE BEST THING on DC morning radio!

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Steve West

Heard on great radio stations like WGKX "Kix 106" and WMC-FM Memphis, online at HitOldies.com (and once upon a time at RadioMaxMusic.com), loosely contributed to some yearly countdowns at MusicRadio77.com, and most importantly, Webmaster of this great Radio Historical site, Airchexx.com Look for me on the Ham bands. Perhaps one day you'll have a QSO with K1FRC. Happy DX and Happy Listening!

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  1. MGD4Ever says:

    I remember a guy who called himself Steveski who was on WMMR and WYSP in Philly back in the 80s. He referred to everybody as “Campers.” Is this the same guy? The other item of historical significance in this aircheck is the replay of the Greaseman bit, “name that scab”, which is a reference to the NFL strike in the Fall of ’87 where teams still played their games with replacement players. Great stuff!

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