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97.9 WIYY / Baltimore

Emory & Erica, 98 Rock WIYY Baltimore | June 1, 1990

Here’s our first aircheck of Hurst Broadcasting’s WIYY ’98 Rock’. The station is truly a Baltimore legend, and although its morphed from mainstream Rock to Heavy Metal and Alternative, the station has had a consistent Rock format since March of 1977.

The Emory and Erica show is heard here, doing a live remote from downtown Baltimore. Notable appearances here are Traffic guru ‘Detour’ Dave Sandler (who did concurrent traffic duties on sister station 1090 WBAL AM) and Lopez, who was a fixture of morning news and a part of a number of 98 Rock morning shows over the years.

Not sure how long this particular morning show lasted. Your webmaster was in Baltimore from 1993-1996 and in ’93, there was the ‘Grego & Moe’ show that always had me in stitches… then, they abruptly disappeared and another show came along sometime, I think in 1994 or 95 that was somewhat less memorable. Paco, Mark & Lopez I think it was.

At just under 22 minutes in length, you get a good feel for this morning show, which includes a couple of Traffic reports and at least one full newscasts – and the antics of Emory & Erica.

Courtesy of Contributor David Varndell.

97.9 FM Baltimore 98 Rock Paco Lopez Emory Erica Hurst Broadcasting WBAL TV HD AM Radio 11 1090 Detour Dave Sandler

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  1. They played an ad for May 26 so this couldn’t have happened on June 1.


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